Thoughtful Images—Fu Wenjun’s Abstract Photography Exhibition

Duration: Oct. 01 - Oct. 14

Venue: Guangzhou Museum of Art

Organizer: Guangzhou Museum of Art

Artist: Fu Wenjun


Fu Wenjun’s conceptual photography, new absolute and essential component for the actual artistic overview, can be defined as an “historical conceptual synopsis”.

Fu Wenjun tells us, through idiomatic images, about questions which are as old as human species. Doubts and realities which grip mankind since ancient times, but which are at the same time really actual reality, a reality proved by using arcane signs, violently projected and sounded out, but still preserving integrity.

We are talking about signs which are impressed in the general unconscious. That means that, beyond their historical value, they own an absolute and unconscious existence, innately associated to a concept, also in the unspoilt minds.

Selected Works:

(All photographs by Fu Wenjun.)

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