Istanbul Photo Awards 2014 Exhibition

Duration: Aug. 01 - Aug. 15, 2015

Venue: Shanghai Center of Photography

Organizers: Shanghai Center of Photography, Anadolu Agency


The “Istanbul Photo Awards” was Turkey's first and only news photograph contest held at an international level. The award winning photographs in the “Istanbul Photo Awards 2014” covered different aspects of global news events such as the civil war in Syria, the Ebola outbreak in Africa, Ukraine conflict, political crises, terrorist attacks and natural disasters around the world.

Daniel Berehulak's photograph from Liberia about the Ebola epidemic was named as "Photo of the Year" in the contest and is the most striking photograph in the exhibition.

Byhangst Matthias' "Lionel Messi" photograph, which was the winner in the sports category, waits for football fans at the exhibition. In the photograph, Argentine football star Messi can be seen competing with four opponents.

Selected Works:


Photograph by Daniel Berehulak


Photograph by Byhangst Matthias

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