In the Room

Duration: 8th, August - 5th, September, 2015

Venue: V Art Center, No.50 Mo Gan Shan Rd, Shanghai

Room 210 of Building 3 & Rom 104 of Building 6

Curators: Yining He & Hanlu Zhang

Artists: Jocelyn Allen, Julie Bentley, Geoff Buono, Xiaoyi Chen, Jisun Choi, Imogen Freeland, Debbie Harman, Sarah Janes, Betty Ketchedjian, Yukihito Kono, Karina Lax, Wenting Liu , Mels van der Mede, Zaynab Omotoyosi Odunsi, Yifan Qian, Alessandra Rinaudo, Veronique Rolland, Emilie Sandy, Ian Samels, Paloma Tendero, Tessa Williams, Zhanglu


The title of the exhibition is inspired by the English idiom “elephant in the room”, which refers to existent situations that are overlooked or ignored, or problems too difficult to talk about. Photography as a creative form not only reinforces the visibility of things, but also leads us to their invisible facets—whether that invisibility is due to physical, psychological, or social factors.

This exhibition presents the final projects and recent works by the London College of Communication MA Photography 2014 graduates. It dialectically unfolds three pairs of phrases: visibility/invisibility, surface/content, and looking/overlooking. Through the works, we discover that the reason why we often regard photography close to truth, if there is any, is not merely because of its reality reproducing capacity, but also its potential of exploring and discussing “seeing” on all levels.

The artists think in these images and invite us to think through the images. They are fluent in conceiving perspectives and analytically engaging in contemporary visual and political culture. In the works presented, the elephant is nowhere to hide.

Selected Works:


Cold Mountain, from the series KOAN, 2014

Photograph by Chen Xiaoyi


In case# 03, 2014

Photograph by Jisun Choi


Trap, 2014

Photograph by Karina Lax


Party I,from the series Scene, 2014

Photograph by Wenting Liu


31st Feb 2019, 2014
Photograph by YifanQian


One Minute Piece, 2014

Photograph by Zhang Lu

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