Kong Laichun Solo Exhibition

Duration: 10th July - 21st July, 2015

Venue: Hubei Photography Art Centre

Chutian 181 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, Hubei Daily Media Group, No.181 Donghu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan


The Photographer’s Association in Hubei Province

News Photography Association of Hubei Province

Hubei Media Technician of Photography

Artist: Kong Laichun


Sometimes, water can be tranquil, and sometimes water can be turbulent. It always sends people endless imagination. The exhibition presents a variety of “water” landscapes from all over the world through the lens of Kong Laichun.

Kong Laichun is a member of the Photographer’s Association in Hubei Province. He has been dedicated to landscape photography for years. The exhibition features 50 works taken in Australia, Vietnam, the Netherlands, the United States and China. The presented photos are all about water, from vast oceans to mighty rivers, showing a unique and impressive perspective about water landscapes.

Speaking of the intention of photographing water, he said “'Water benefits everything without evoking conflicts or resistance.” Water has a comforting magic that brings harmony to the subject and image. Everything just becomes purer in water. And what he cherishes most in photography is exactly this spiritual implication of water.

Selected Works:

(All photographs by Kong Laichun)

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