Close: Martin Schoeller

Durartion: Sep 15- Nov 20, 2019

Venue: Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP)
Address: 2555-1 Long Teng Avenue, Xuhui District
German artist Martin Schoeller is renowned for his large, close up portraits and has been invited to photograph hundreds of celebrities and politicians. His work regularly appears in TIME, The New Yorker, Vogue, The New York Times, and the exhibition will feature 65 portraits from across Schoeller’s career.

In the internationally acclaimed series »Close Up«, the portraits of well-known personalities confront us eye-to-eye, intimate and unprotected, in the form of oversized blow-ups. Since the 1990s Martin Schoeller has staged the portraits of his models as spectacular close-ups in a recurring way: he defines the eye level and positions his camera at the same height; instead of a flash he uses soft neon light, creating the effect of luminous eyes which is so characteristic for his work. By exercising total control, the artist relieves his models of all attempts of self-staging and performing. Nothing remains hidden: Every wrinkle, every birthmark is open to scrutiny and each individual trait is exeggerated to hyperreality.

Nevertheless, there is hardly a star who has not already taken a seat in front of Martin Schoeller’s camera. From Angela Merkel and Valentino to Paris Hilton – all accepted the uncompromising rules, which make Schoeller’s style so unique. With a reduced use of make-up and a recurring camera perspective and lighting his photographic practice is characterized by a levelling and democratic manner: The same rules apply to everybody.