A nous la mode

Duration: 28 April to 27 June

Venue: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Xiamen

Artists: Louise Desnos, Lin Zhipeng, Liu Shuwei and Paul Rousteau

Curator: Doors


When young photographers look at today’s new designers, they see a pretty crazy emerging scene. Creativity feeding inspiration feeding creativity. The inventive and daring style of these young designers results in subjects that feed the photographers’ imaginations and lets them explore their emotions, obsessions and desires.

The photographers selected for the exhibition, A nous la mode!, part of the first Franco-Chinese Fashion Meetings are very young. Lin Zhipeng was born in 1979, Paul Rousteau and Liu Shuwei in 1985, Louise Desnos, the youngest, was born in 1991. They have the distinction of developing parallel portfolios in fashion and art, drawing from each a singular inspiration, which in turn illuminates the other. Freed from complexity, reversing situations and genres, working their photos as the painter does their palette, these talented artists capture silhouettes drawn by others armed with their personality, in the same way that they sometimes use the codes of fashion to build their own personal universe.

Selected Works:

©Louise Desnos, From Acedia, 2017

©Louise Desnos, series for Villa Noailles, 2017

©Louise Desnos, series for Octo Arcane, 2017

©Lin Zhipeng for United Nude

©Lin Zhipeng for Vogue Me

©Lin Zhipeng for Atelier Rouge Pékin

©Liu Shuwei, series Friendship and the Pink Triangle (published in Vogue Italia)

©Liu Shuwei, series The Garden (Elsewhere zine's cover story)

©Liu Shuwei, series Childhood Revisited

©Paul Rousteau, series for A Part

©Paul Rousteau, series Paris sur Mode

©Paul Rousteau, Another Man x Pigalle Paris

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