Follow_Me: New narratives in contemporary photography, China-Switzerland


Duration: April 21 to June 4, 2018

Venue: OCAT Shenzhen, Exhibition Hall A, Exhibition Hall B

Organizer: OCAT Shenzhen

Swiss artists: David Favrod, Anne Golaz, Romain Mader, Virginie Rebetez, Salvatore Vitale

Chinese artists: Kimisa, Celine Liu / 刘思麟, Lau Wai / 刘卫, Shi Zhen / 石真, Zeng Yicheng / 曾忆城


Last year’s OCAT Shanghai witnessed 10 young photographers from China and Switzerland using the language of photography to build layers of overlapping narrations, and to discuss the similarities and differences between visual narratives and the impact of modern communication.

From April 21st to June 4th, 2018, “Follow _Me: New Narratives in Contemporary Photography, China – Switzerland” will be presented at the Exhibition Hall A and the Hall B of OCAT Shenzhen. Playing the role of author/photographer/narrator, the participating artists will once again invite the audience to “listen to me”, and, attempt to attract the audience to become new narrators by sending the “Follow Me” signals. As social media growingly permeates life, every user of it has already become a narrator of life. When narrating has become part of daily life, documentary and fiction are there left for everyone to ponder over.

This exhibition co-curated by Peter Pfrunder and Shi Hantao is divided into 4 chapters. The first chapter discusses the problem of identity, where David Favrod, Kimisa, and Salvatore Vitale raise the question of “Who I Am” in their autobiographical stories; in the second chapter, Lau Wai, Anne Golaz and Zeng Yicheng tell their own reminiscences and stories centered on the important spots in their life journeys; in the third chapter, Celine Liu and Romain Mader are blurring the boundaries between documentary and fiction through the role they play; and the last chapter displayed in the Exhibition Hall B is like a historical archeology, where Virginie Rebetez and Shi Zhen use the “unreliable” video evidence to elaborate on individual and collective memories.

Although these participating artists unfold their narrative on the basis of photographic vernacular, their forms of expression and techniques adopted differ with various modes of narration, expanding from still photography, moving images, projection, light box, to objects and etc., all of which are intertwined together to constitute the indispensable component of their stories.

Selected Works:

The brother – Portrait 1, from the Corbeau (The Raven) series ©Anne Golaz

Ekaterina © ECAL/Romain Mader

©Virginie Rebetez