Social Transitions

Looking at Social Transitions, the exhibition is a cultural encounter between German and Chinese artists, patronised by the German Consulate, the National Art Center, the Chengdu Photography Center, MR BIG International Art Center, et all.


Duration: April 21 - May 20, 2018

Venue: Sahne Art Museum, Chendgu high tech Zone, Airport Road, Singapore Industrial Park, South Park Road no 2, Chengdu, China.

About the Exhibition:

Between old and new: A country in transition

Set between the village life where people still live in their old ways to the new, emerging mega-cities: China is a country in transition.

In some areas the old ways still persist, people still work their craft. But the villages are ‘aging’, as the younger generations move to the cities to find jobs to earn more money. The older generation is left behind going about their lives and looking after the grandchildren. In the cities people work in all kinds of jobs to survive. Those who have a craft offer their skills, others sell their goods on the streets or make little makeshift shops.

Trying to understand the contrast between the life in the emerging mega-cities and the daily life of the people living amongst or within the newly built neighbourhoods, the study China Today looks at Chinese culture and the emerging modern China. Trying to understand the Chinese culture as it presents itself today, the study developed over a period of three years with the goal to meet and understand a culture that had, with such a resilience, survived so many radical political and cultural changes and which now seems to be facing its biggest cultural challenge ever. (© Angelika Berndt)

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