Londoners and their Environments

Duration: 29th May - 10th June 2018

Wed. Thur. Fri. 11am - 7:30pm, Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. 11am - 6:30pm

Venue: 93 Piccadilly W1J 7NQ London

Curated By Mara Alves


Herrick Gallery is delighted to announce its forthcoming exhibition, titled “Londoners and their Environments”, curated by Mara Alves. It consists of a series of photographs by the Venezuelan photographer Alexandro Pelaez documenting professionals based in London and spaces they may cross on their way to work as imaginary journeys. The solo show will take place at the Herrick Gallery, Mayfair branch, located at 93 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NQ, from the 29th of May to the 10th of June 2018. The exhibition is part of an ambitious project by Alexandro to document one of the most important cities on Earth and its inhabitants.

Alex Pelaez's body of works, presented for the first time at this solo exhibition, captures the distinctive environments, and its inhabitants, that are unique to London. The artist reveals the fascination of a city that never sleeps and is constantly breathing from its changing layers of multicultural rhythms.

About the Artist:

Alexandro Pelaez, a Venezuelan photographer based in London, has developed two new series of work based on Londoners: be it as their professional environments surrounded by the tools used on their trade; be it as locations they may cross on their way to work as landmarks. Alexandro, within the Magic Realism narrative, like the Literature Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, invites the viewer to discover the magic, the unique, the unparalleled beauty, that reveals itself on our daily lives when we pause and look closer. A cornucopia of nationalities, and talent, unravels a journey that shows that London is a city, the Rome of today, like no other. A place that deserved a Biography, written by Peter Ackroyd, as a fearless animal constantly on the move. Alexandro achieves to reflect that special feeling when you inhabit this hub of ideas.

Selected Works:

©Alexandro Pelaez

©Alexandro Pelaez

©Alexandro Pelaez

©Alexandro Pelaez

©Alexandro Pelaez

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