Animal Paradise On The Equator:Yao Hanjun Photography Exhibition


Duration: Mar 22 - Apr 3,2018

Curator: Wu Xiaopeng

Address: Zhejiang Art Museum,Hangzhou,China

Over time, this beautiful, mysterious, wild and primordial land has been an irresistible magnetite to numerous scientists, travelers, explorers, artists and photographers. Mr. Yao Hanjun is among them. With deep concern for nature and wildlife in Africa, between 2011 and 2016, he visited Kenya, a fascinating African country, four times together with his wife. He was devoted himself to shooting and studying the survival conditions of wildlife in Kenya. In these six years, he has taken more than 10,000 photos, which are precious records of life moments for dozens of wild animals in there. The heavy album you are holding is a great gift attributed to Hanjun’s effort, and presents wildlife as art. The wildlife images created by Hanjun unlock a world with grandeur, spectacles, laws of nature and diversities. Each piece of his works captures the moment featured by subjects big or small, black or white, true or fictional, fast or slow, proximal or distant, motional or still, alive or dead, alone or in group, wild and tender. He has integrated such images with rich knowledge, literary taste, visual appeal, artistry and human interest. They unveil the mysteries of the African animal kingdoms and bring the viewers to this infinite land far far away.

Yao Hanjun, from Zhuji city, Zhejiang province, is a member of China Photographers Association, Committee of Photographers Association of Zhejiang Province as well as the deputy chairman of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Photographic Association. He has been committed to theoretical researches on photography and taking photos for many years. As a successful entrepreneur, he spends most of his spare time on photography and has developed great attainments in subjects of scenery, culture, wildlife and so on. Many of his works, including but not limited to The True Color, Descendants of the Dragon, Monk’s Realm, Beautiful Chase, Paradise in Qilian, Who Is the Most Beautiful?, Circle of Life, Harmony, Migration, and Harmonious Food Chain, have been included in a variety of photo exhibitions at home and abroad, published in Chinese and foreign professional photography magazines, and won many awards in different competitions. His scenic album Diverse Area were unanimously praised in the photography universe. This Animal Paradise on the Equator is expected to be another stunning feast of our eyes!

—— Consultant of China Photographers Association Zhang Tongsheng

I appreciate his attitude. No pretence, no show-off, no cliché, such as ambition, responsibility, environment and animal conservation, to fool people with empty sloganeering.

I believe that it was out of his heartfelt and pure affection to nature, as well as his “homesick” pursuit of a place where his soul can rest.

From a photographer’s perspective, those photos are not breathtaking or beautifully eye-catching. However, you can clearly find the ultimate goal – the self-observation, self-awareness and self-accomplishment.

In particular, I was deeply impressed by the peace of mind behind all these photos.

——reputed photographer, writer, scholar and connoisseur of cultural relics Yang Dazhou

Although photo taking may seem to be a gallant and explicit activity, in reality, it is an implicit labor that requires profound thoughts. After getting through technical hassles, photographers are judged by their knowledge, life experience beyond photography, as well as their comprehensive insight into life and the society. Every time you decide a composition and depress a shutter button, you are expressing your view about the world around you. Only a sophisticated and well-learned photographer can produce works permeated by profoundness, abundance and narration; a shallow photographer’s images are, without a doubt, skin-deep, hollow, unpalatable, and most importantly, boring. Whatever up and downs these people may experience, their photography careers are simply shallow.We expect photographs of solemn images. To attain such photos, the photographer must first nurture within himself the solemnity.

If you only love photography and camera but not this world, and do not respect lives of others, what purpose do you serve in this world even if you are carrying the best camera and traveling to the end of this world.

——Deputy Chairman of China Photographers Association Chen Xiaobo

Now, Hanjun is no longer in pursuit of the novelty of photography as he did in the beginning, and is showing more concern for nature, ecology and the meaning of life.

Hanjun gradually got rid his inherent style and ideas in shooting wildlife in Kenya with an attitude of respecting nature and life and expressing his innate feelings. One of these works I like the best is the photo of a jumping newborn zebra. I have never seen any similar works in other animal photos. This photo was published by professional media as soon as it appeared.

Doing such a thing for six years is just a simple wish for the public to share the photographer’s attitude towards nature, animals and life; I admire Hanjun for this attitude and am honored to have the opportunity of editing and producing this book.

——Curator:Wu Xiaopeng

Around 12 years ago, I embarked on shooting egrets and swans in places like Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province and Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. It is a valuable chance to have peace on mind. It gradually dawned on me that we have to pay more attention to the animals coexisting with us on this very planet.

It was hard tramping on the road, observing the gorgeous egrets that aroused awe in my heart and affections with our nature and environment, which were rare in my earlier years.

With this awe and respect in my heart, I went to Kenya to take the pictures of the animals there. Four times in 6 years with my wife, from 2011 until now. Photographers must observe the strict rules and codes set up in Kenya's zoos where the animals must not be disturbed and because of that practice, they are not afraid of us.

For many times in Kenya, I witnessed how great animals can be. Even the lions, the powerful hunters and kings of all, are so gentle and kind when they take care of their babies, making you astonished and touched.

We must love them before we are granted the eligibility of photographing them. If you regard them as members of your family, you will know that we can indeed stop hurting them and in return, you get excellent opportunities to take pictures of them.

I just want to go on with my camera, with honesty and affection.

——Photographer Yao Hanjun

Photographer Introduction:

Yao Hanjun, from Zhuji city, Zhejiang province, is a member of China Photographers Association, Committee of Photographers Association of Zhejiang Province as well as the deputy chairman of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Photographic Association.

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