Drama - the 110th anniversary of Chinese drama Li Yan Photography Exhibition

Duration: Jul. 19 - Aug. 27

Venue: Hangzhou Liangzhu Culture Art Centre

Artist: Li Yan


For those who love drama, 'Li Yan' is no stranger to the name, Meng Jinghui, Lai Shengchuan, Chen Jianbin, Guo Tao, Yuan Quan and so on or have been active in the stage of the dramatists have appeared in his lens.

In 1982, graduated from high school Li Yan, in the father of an old comrades under the introduction of a librarian .In the second year, because of literature and drama are full of interest, Li Yan hope through the way of art into the opera, But in the course of the course, he insisted on an idea: in this life, we must do the drama.

In 1989, Li Yan came to the Renmin University of China Adult Education Institute to study news photography in the three years of study, Li Yan took a lot of photography, and some are still published in the media.

In 1993, due to a chance chance, Li Yan through friends know Mou Sen and Meng Jinghui, began to take pictures because of the pre-theater study of the foundation, Li Yan in the shooting scene, whether it is angle or composition, than other journalists And slowly, Li Yan began to celebrity in the drama circle, there are more and more people began to contact him about the shot in 1998, there are magazines to open a column to Li Yan ... ...

2006 years of Li Yan also has a special significance, that year, the Taiwan acting workshop of the play "bloody Peach Blossom Spring" mainland version premiere. Li Yan by the then producer Yuan Hong invited to the crew shooting work photos, a full month One day, Lai Shengchuan asked him, we have a role you are willing to play, Li Yan without hesitation to promise.

It is this opportunity, he came from behind the scenes to the actor, as an actor to participate in the "Shadow of Peach Blossom Spring", a play is ten years, more than 400. In the mainland version, he and Huang Lei, He Jiong, coke Yang three actors, is from the play debut began to participate in one of the actors, although in the play he only six lines ... ...

In 2016, Li Yan published a book "when the play has become a past", recorded from 1982 to 2006, personally experienced drama story, more than 30 million words, nearly 500 pictures.

Li Yan said that although he did not become a theater actor, but in another way into the drama.He became a 30-year Chinese drama audience, with the camera records the changes in Chinese drama and several generations of artists , Is a play from the recent 'audience'.

Li Yan said: 'a person has a person's life, my life may be to do a bystander, recorders. Since already on the road, we must go, this is the so-called 'persistent' it.' So, Years, he always focused on this, gradually in the time of the dense stream, recorded an era.

Selected Works:

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