On Competitions

Who can participate in the competition?

We encourage all individuals all over the world to participate. Specific conditions are written in the contests rules.

I am a previous winner in Global Photography contest, am I eligible to participate in the current competitions?

Yes, you are.

Can I nominate someone on behalf of me for the competition?

No, you cannot nominate others on your behalf to take part.

What are the fees involved in the competition?

You can refer to the rules of competitions.

How many pictures can submit?

You can submit as many as you like.

How do I submit photos for the competition?

You can submit photos through the official  website http://en.g-photography.net/

How can I register for the competition?

Registration is available through the official website; all rules must be read and accepted before registration.

What are the prizes?

The prizes of competition are different. You can refer to the specific competition. 

Can I participate with a photo that has previously won a Golbao Photography award/competition?

No, you cannot participate with any photo(s) that has already won in past competitions.

Can I participate with a photo that was submitted into another photography competition but did not win?

Yes, as long as you own the copyright of the photograph.