Structures of Nature ... And Man[1]Structures of Nature ... And Man[2]Structures of Nature ... And Man[3]Structures of Nature ... And Man[4]Structures of Nature ... And Man[5]Structures of Nature ... And Man[6]Structures of Nature ... And Man[7]Structures of Nature ... And Man[8]Structures of Nature ... And Man[9]Structures of Nature ... And Man[10]Structures of Nature ... And Man[11]Structures of Nature ... And Man[12]Structures of Nature ... And Man[13]Structures of Nature ... And Man[14]Structures of Nature ... And Man[15]Structures of Nature ... And Man[16]Structures of Nature ... And Man[17]
Structures of Nature ... And Man[1] Photographer: Rasmus Kaessmann (Germany)
Tags Scenery
Description Rasmus Kaessmann started taking pictures while climbing Mount Kenya. He still loves the travelling, the intensity of being on a job 24/7. He used to think the secret of a great shot is in combing natural and artificial light, in a carefully planned setting and the right timing that captures the essence of a movement.

Time and experience have told him that these all matter but that it is the people you work with that make the different. Camera, flash, computer - those are the tools. It is the team in front and behind the lens that creates something unique.

Regarding to the quote from Chris Pine - “The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don not have control over your situation. However, you have a choice about how you view it”, Rasmus Kaessmann cannot agree more. Walking around and visiting all those places he loves can be more amazing when you see them from up above.

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EXIF Date Time: 2017:10:02 08:01:26
Camera: FC6310
Aperture F Number: f/4.5
Exposure Time: 1/120s
Focal Length: 8mm
ISO: 100