The Lost Boys[1]The Lost Boys[2]The Lost Boys[3]The Lost Boys[4]The Lost Boys[5]The Lost Boys[6]The Lost Boys[7]The Lost Boys[8]The Lost Boys[9]The Lost Boys[10]The Lost Boys[11]The Lost Boys[12]The Lost Boys[13]The Lost Boys[14]
The Lost Boys[1] Photographer: Francisco Diaz (USA) & Deb Young (New Zealand)
Description This is an international collaboration project by Francisco Diaz (USA) and Deb Young (New Zealand), which is a metaphor for inner/outer journey of humankind experiencing “transition”.

Setting within an unknown time, the undercurrent of tension in this seemingly unruly world is juxtaposed with signs of confidence and curiosity, and the multi-layered dynamics of what it means to be an adolescent. What becomes clear is that the journey into new territory can ignite our primitive instincts when we are pushed to the edge.

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