Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[1]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[2]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[3]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[4]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[5]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[6]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[7]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[8]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[9]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[10]Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[11]
Sparkling Blooms in Visible Fluorescence[1] Photographer: Craig Burrows (America)
Description Never stopping learning and discovering, Southern California based photographer Craig Burrows continues to explore a unique photography method called ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence that uses high-intensity UV lights to excite fluorescence found in some plants, animals, and various objects.

Photographer chooses to focus on flowers, creating colorfully vivid interpretations of jade blooms, daisies, and irises that seem to practically glow from within.

Upcoming exhibitions of the artist’s work include the Preview of the Spring 2018 Flower Show in Greenwich CT and the col.lab gallery at Tokyo Polytechnic University. Craig Burrows is currently looking for venues to shoot larger scenes with UVIVF in addition to his existing body of work with smaller objects.

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