Wind of Okhotsk II[1]Wind of Okhotsk II[2]Wind of Okhotsk II[3]Wind of Okhotsk II[4]Wind of Okhotsk II[5]Wind of Okhotsk II[6]Wind of Okhotsk II[7]Wind of Okhotsk II[8]Wind of Okhotsk II[9]
Wind of Okhotsk II[1] Photographer: Ying Yin (China)
Description During each winter in Japan, there is always a limited train named “Okhotsk-no-Kaze” (means Wind of Okhotsk) which run across the land of Hokkaido, a northernmost prefecture of Japan. Covered with white snow, the Hokkaido becomes a magical background for Chinese photographer Ying Yin’s series “Wind of Okhotsk”.

Starting in Sapporo, the capital, and ending in Abashiri on the coast of the Okhotsk Sea, Ying Yin traveled on the train and captured the lonely stillness of the wintery land, as the snow highlighted unexpected details, causing them to emerge from the white haze.

Actually, this fashiondesign-majored photographer has taken two trips to this frozen lands. The resulting images present a keen eye for design and symmetry, as she is able to capture the surreal and sleepy nature of these cities trapped within their snowy cages.

Chill air surrounded the isolated area with a sense of intense solitude of winter. The dense white air acts as a background, providing a startling uniform canvas on which her subjects are laid.