Mist Streets of Amsterdam[1]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[2]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[3]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[4]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[5]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[6]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[7]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[8]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[9]Mist Streets of Amsterdam[10]
Mist Streets of Amsterdam[5] Photographer: Stijn Hoekstra ​​​​(Netherlands)
Description Amsterdam-based photographer Stijn Hoekstra showcases the calm, cold yet beautifully soothing atmosphere of his city. The cold-colored and soft hues images in a sensation of ambient quietude evoke shivers and awe to the spectators.

Photographer, together with the oncoming fog invite viewers to a peaceful ballad and deliver us in a magnificent fashion fascinating sights and insights to this wondrous city.

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EXIF Date Time: 2017:02:10 18:04:33
Camera: ILCE-7RM2
Aperture F Number: f/1.0
Exposure Time: 1/160s
Focal Length: mm
ISO: 800