Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[1]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[2]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[3]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[4]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[5]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[6]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[7]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[8]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[9]Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[10]
Seeking for a Light Along the Coastline[1] Photographer: Tao Sun (China)
Description Dalian, Liaoning Province

In February 2011, Tao Sun began his journey from Dandong, Liaoning Province, driving along the coastline from north to south, from the Bohai Sea to the Yellow Sea, the East of China sea, and the South of China sea, passing by countless cities, villages, harbors and islands.

In his journey, Tao Sun was fascinated by the lighthouse and looking for the meanings implies in it, such as orientation, hope, warm, loneliness, guardian, ancient poetry. As he was walking in the dark, Tao Sun saw the warm orange light in distance, which encouraged him to forge ahead without fear and hesitation.

“None of the lighthouses looks the same; none of the sea is alike. The north is frigid and clear; the south is muggy and humid. As I traveled along the way, all that lingering on me are the touching of salty sea, the smell of fishy seaweeds, shells and fishes.” said photographer. “I learned how to listen. Listen to the rustle of wind, the roar of wave, the scraping of crabs... and the tidal changes resembling the emotions of ocean. It reminds me the sound inside the whelk shell which my mother brought to me when I was a child, from where I found all my imagination for the ocean.”

To seek for a lighthouse means to go to the end of the world. Every time when Tao Sun was on the road, he expected encountering anything unexpected with a smile always on his face.


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