Wild Horses in Bosnia[1]Wild Horses in Bosnia[2]Wild Horses in Bosnia[3]Wild Horses in Bosnia[4]Wild Horses in Bosnia[5]Wild Horses in Bosnia[6]Wild Horses in Bosnia[7]Wild Horses in Bosnia[8]
Wild Horses in Bosnia[1] Photographer: Carina Maiwald (Germany)
Tags Animal
Description “Bosnia’s untamed heart: wild horses.
Strength lies in peace.
Now I’m pretty sure, it were wild horses who invented this wisdom.
This work is the first part of an photo series which had been planed for years.
It means the world to me.
Series is not complete yet.”
- Carina Maiwald

Growing up in Germany, Carina Maiwald fell in love with horses at an early age and felt inspired by their uniqueness ever since then. The fascination about their beauty and strength lead her to being an award-winning equine photographer. As a young artist, she is well-known for her natural style of capturing the horses’ heart instead of the plain appearance.

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