The Beauty Of Belgrade[1]The Beauty Of Belgrade[2]The Beauty Of Belgrade[3]The Beauty Of Belgrade[4]The Beauty Of Belgrade[5]The Beauty Of Belgrade[6]The Beauty Of Belgrade[7]The Beauty Of Belgrade[8]The Beauty Of Belgrade[9]The Beauty Of Belgrade[10]The Beauty Of Belgrade[11]The Beauty Of Belgrade[12]The Beauty Of Belgrade[13]The Beauty Of Belgrade[14]The Beauty Of Belgrade[15]The Beauty Of Belgrade[16]The Beauty Of Belgrade[17]The Beauty Of Belgrade[18]The Beauty Of Belgrade[19]The Beauty Of Belgrade[20]The Beauty Of Belgrade[21]The Beauty Of Belgrade[22]The Beauty Of Belgrade[23]The Beauty Of Belgrade[24]The Beauty Of Belgrade[25]The Beauty Of Belgrade[26]The Beauty Of Belgrade[27]The Beauty Of Belgrade[28]The Beauty Of Belgrade[29]The Beauty Of Belgrade[30]The Beauty Of Belgrade[31]The Beauty Of Belgrade[32]The Beauty Of Belgrade[33]The Beauty Of Belgrade[34]The Beauty Of Belgrade[35]
Progres Gallery Photographer: Bojan Dzodan (Serbia)
Description Serbian photographer Bojan Dzodan absolutely adores Belgrade city which is the capital of Serbia but also a capital of beauty as well. Especially, there is amazing atmosphere in the city which is not so easy to capture in some wonderful spring and summer days. In that case, Bojan Dzodan combined photography and photo-manipulation to try to reflect not only what he sees but rather even what he feels while walking through Belgrade.

This series of photos is a small part of photographer’s 4-year-long friendship with this lovely city. Sometimes, Bojan Dzodan must wake up very early to catch the sun at sunrise as it is often not possible to take a photo with very dramatic light. Therefore, photographer must combine two or more photos with retouching process in a few hours to get final photograph.

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EXIF Date Time: 2015:03:03 16:45:24
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Aperture F Number: f/7.1
Exposure Time: 1/200s
Focal Length: 17mm
ISO: 100