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Yachting II[1] Photographer: Kurt Arrigo (Melta)
Description Because of being born on a little island in the Mediterranean, Malta, it was just a natural progression to connect with the sea which Kurt Arrigo did willingly at a very early age. In addition to the passion on photography, Kurt Arrigo has been working as a marine photographer for over 20 years, capturing moments of how we interact with mother nature, including underwater photography.

Kurt Arrigo’s illustrious and diverse career has seen him capture dramatic action at elite international sporting events, portray A-list Hollywood stars, swim with hammerhead sharks and undertake intrepid environmental projects from the Galapagos to the Himalayas. His commitment to work is portrayed in his positive attitude and easy going personality.

And as a challenging sport on the ocean, yachting is one of photographing subjects to for Kurt Arrigo while being a part of nature.

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