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Tangled Photographer: ErAn Croitoru
Description Everyone needs a hug.
Animator and photographer ErAn Croitoru works on commercials and children’s show by day, which allows him to combine his skills with photography and animation to create the series photo of animated photography. This project is about silent objects in our daily lives, the things we use and mostly leave in the background. It is not only creative but enlightening, making people pause and take a closer look. Besides, it is believed that those images make people see a story we would otherwise don’t see, perhaps put a smile on your face when getting the story.

The idea for these animated inanimate objects came when he was photographing the city of Tel-Aviv. He explained that the city itself suddenly seemed to come alive, and he became fascinated with imaging the consciousness of objects.

Each photo comes with its own unique complications. Although the editing software for fixing and changing it was used during post, ErAn Croitoru tries to do everything during the photographing stage. Furthermore, he said that coming up with creative solutions to all kinds of issues is the best part of this project.

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EXIF Date Time: 2013:06:26 19:36:44
Camera: NIKON D90
Aperture F Number: f/3.2
Exposure Time: 1/1600s
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 400