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New York Chinatown: Resurfacing 80's Chinatown Through Old Negatives If photograph is a time machine that takes you back; camera, then, is the creator that builds the scene where you back. What would come up with you while an old photographic series dating back ... Sep. 01, 2017
The Ghost Hotel: Once Star Hotel Lost in the Bali Island As evident in his mysterious photos of abandoned Disneyland park, French photographer Romain Vellion knows how to capture places that being reclaimed by nature. This time, he is fresh off a vacation to ... Jun. 16, 2017
China Red: Impression of China in Western Photographer's Perspective Comparing to the West, China, the country famous for its rich heritage and culture, has a surprisingly different and more powerful color symbolism, and has used brilliant colors for more than ... Feb. 17, 2017
Colored Photos of Yesterday's Thanksgiving Day and Archival Ones from the Past Century Just past this year’s Thanksgiving Day, like previous traditions, people were formerly enjoyed of giving thanks to each other for the blessings of the harvest and preceding year, as well as expressing ... Nov. 25, 2016
Faded Dream: Once Famous Amusement Park Became Sleeping Beauty There must be something means a lot to a person - it maybe a mug cup given by a friend, a musical box remembered a history or a place carried a memory. The Nara Dreamland is the dreaming place to explore for ... Oct. 14, 2016
Friends of the Dead: Photos of the People Who Work in London's Graveyards Normally, “cemetery” or “graveyard” is the word or some pieces of memories that people do not want to mention or talk about since it is so hard to remember the scene when their deceased relatives or friends die ... Sep. 02, 2016
History Repeats Itself: Spikers Continuing Write China Volleyball's Legend Just before hours ago on Saturday, the second last day of the 31st Summer Olympic Games, China women’s volleyball was back as national pride that they claimed gold at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games! This was a ... Aug. 22, 2016
England 70-80: How the French Think about England 30 Years Ago Before the English Channel Tunnel was officially opened for passengers on November 14, 1994, heading to England meant a ferry ride across the Channel from France, including the period between 1970s and 80s when ... Jul. 15, 2016
Ask the Dust: Photo Collection of Abandoned Places Ever since Roman Veillon can remember, he has always been fascinated by derelict places because of a few childhood exploration as well as loved to go there and try to imagine what could have been their stories and ... Jun. 24, 2016
Joy Session: Final Farewell to Faithful Pets Shortly before Putting Down It's the moment every pet owner dreads that when the time comes when they have to say a final goodbye to a faithful friend. These beautiful yet heart-breaking end-of-life snaps are meant to highlight ... May. 20, 2016
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