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68° North: Winter Fairytale at Lofoten Islands Being known for excellent fishing, nature attractions such as the norther lights and the midnight sun, and small villages off the beaten track, the Lofoten islands, an archipelago and a traditional district ... Jul. 06, 2018
Life Changes of Dukha Reindeer Herders Family in Mongolia In north central Mongolia, in the taiga along the border with Russia, the Dukha people have lived a nomadic life for generations, roaming with their reindeer herds and hunting to fill in a diet based ... May. 31, 2018
The Brewers: The Inner Sanctum of Manchester's Finest Breweries As an editorial and commercial photographer specialising in portraiture and documentary photography, Duncan Elliott had recently collaborated with Manchester’s Port Street Beer House and released the ... Jul. 14, 2017
Fishing-Work: Photographer being an Alaskan Crab Fisherman in the Bering Strait With examining man’s relationship with the natural world, including animals, food production, and environmental issues, Corey Arnold has worked as a photographer and seasonal commercial fisherman in ... Apr. 28, 2017
Coming Across Stray Cats on the Street in Istanbul Although working as a survey engineer in a public agency in Istanbul, Sami Uçan has always been pursing his adventure of photography, which was started in 2008, with an ever growing enthusiasm ... Apr. 01, 2017
Valley of a Thousand Hills: Skateboarding in Rural South Africa Travelling, even a solo trip, around the world is never short of stories, though the explorer is intrepid women. Female perspectives allow us to explore how travel changes and moves us, and look at the stories ... Mar. 17, 2017
When the Lunar New Year Coming to Tianjin Hutong Not only does Hutong represent an important culture element of Beijing city, it also plays a distinguished role in some northern cities in China. Tianjin city is one of them ... Feb. 02, 2017
Images of Chinese Steel Industry According to the data from chinaknowledge.com, China had remained the largest steel producer around the world, producing over 50 percent of world steel production in 2013. However, due to the lowered demand and economic ... Jan. 13, 2017
The Christmas Wish Project: Magical Photos Cheering Up Sick Children with Santa Claus Christmas is a joyful time, a time that people love to celebrate with family. However, there is not everyone having that blessing. Australian digital artist and photographer Karen Alsop has always paid more attention to ... Dec. 23, 2016
You're so Beautiful: Sweet Reaction of Indigenous Strangers after Telling Them They are Beautiful Actions speak louder than words, but words are still pretty powerful. Turkish travel photographer Mehmet Genç who goes by the name of Rotasiz Seyyah discovered this by accident during his ... Dec. 16, 2016
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