68° North: Winter Fairytale at Lofoten Islands

Being known for excellent fishing, nature attractions such as the norther lights and the midnight sun, and small villages off the beaten track, the Lofoten islands, an archipelago and a traditional district in northern Norway, have sure had a big influence on most of people as a human and especially photographers, including landscape and nature photographer Felix Inden.

Accustomed to seeing summer landscapes on these islands, Felix Inden left in the winter to capture images of this sumptuous place under the snow - it is a new aspect of the islands. Back then, around ten years ago during Felix Inden's first trips, he just went there for hiking and to be out in the majestic nature. But soon he started having the urge to portray these beautiful landscapes; and few years later he started calling himself a landscape photographer.

When a place is as picturesque as any of the different fjords and mountaineous islands that make the Lofoten, things become almost too easy as a photographer. It is almost as if nature created these places in the most photogenic way potentially possible.

This also brings a challenge in these times where millions of great photographers often have the same destinations for their trips. Nowadays, the amount of stunning imagery is huge, and places that had once been secret tips are now called "classics" on a daily basis when we some popular sources for landscape photography.

Therefore, nowadays, Felix Inden can not be fulfilled with taking a replaceable image of one of these iconic locations anymore - instead he chases these short moments of light that makes a scene look different than it looks most of the time. Most often, he hunts previsualised images that have grown in his head where he needs different factors to align properly to be able to "harvest" them. Sometimes, however, Felix Inden also just simply reacts to what the mother nature has on the menu on the given day at the given place.

Here´s a collection of Felix Inden's favourite images taken during the last years with a little explanation about each in the caption, taking viewers on a little journey to northern Norway, far above the polar circle, where the contrasts of weather, light and landscape are incredible and the local inhabitants are wonderful open minded and hearted people.

▲ Brief Encounters

▲ The Roaring Sea

▲ Lofoten Flow

▲ The Night Ablaze

▲ The Essence of Winter


Saved by the bell

Far Out

Frozen Gold

▲ Purity

▲ Arctic Delight

▲ Cozy in the Cabin

▲ Living Under the Lights

▲ Whiteout

(All photos copyrighted Felix Inden)

Source: behance.net; fubiz.net

Photographer: felixinden.com

All the photos are from the web and the copyright retains with the original author. If there is any problem, please contact us.
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