Six Years Endeavors to Build Miniature World Everyday

One creative idea a day is not an easy thing for individuals, so as one magnificent picture a day for photographers. So how can you imagine there is a photographer having build numbers of miniature worlds since April 2011 everyday, and still let this daily activity continue?

It is a reality. Through clever lens, Tatsuya Tanaka, an artist and photographer from Japan, has played with everything photography related to build extraordinary scenarios and set them into his monthly calendars - a Miniature Calendar project where he shares his creations each and every day (previously).

People would think Tatsuya Tanaka's desire to continue the project would diminish after surpassing thousands of photos or that his imagination would be completely tapped, but that is clearly not the case. Cheese, brush, notes, clips, match box and even a cup of coffee...... Those imaginative ideas and details have continuously sharpen photographer's photography skills, but also inspirited almost a million people. We can see new images from the Miniature Calendar project every single day on his website.

Here are some photos from April to December of 2017.

4.1 April Start

5.14 Balloon

6.17 Flower Rain

7.3 World Tea Cup

8.27 Cheese Desert

9.18 Lettuce Balloon

9.27 Towel Pool

10.9 Gym-tionery

10.28 Lawn Mowing

11.2 Lunch Field

11.7 Ski Lift

11.10 Street Light

11.20 Butter Boat

11.29 Maximum Steak

12.13 Kamehameha

12.16 Fireplace


12.22 Paints Fish

12.25 Space Santa

12.27 Route 503

> First introduction of Tatsuya Tanaka’s imaginative worlds at "Miniature Calendar: Creative Daily Life Scenes in the Miniature World".

>> Check out more images of this calendar project, please click Tatsuya Tanaka’s website.

All the photos are from the web and the copyright retains with the original author. If there is any problem, please contact us.
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