Malaga - Paracosmic Houses: Houses Changing From Ancient Fishing Village Into Modern Tourism Site

With the concern of urban sociology and social issues that encounters in geographical and personal environment, Austrian photographer Katharina Fitz after finishing studies of photography and film in 2008, has always explored the behavior and integration of people within urban areas and architectural structures, and portrayed them in a socio-political context.

In 2005, Katharina Fitz headed for Malaga in Spain, to portray the fishing villages Pedregalejo and el Palo, reflecting an important aspect of the cultural heritage of the city, and collect them in the series "Malaga - Paracosmic Houses".

Over the years, the neighborhood of the fishing villages has been transformed into a tourist honey pot and is today a mixture of ancient tradition and a classy sightseeing destination. The drastic changes in the villages have led to a loss of the tightly-knit community spirit, and on the other hand, have also led to an economic upswing in the region.

The partial loss of the community spirit of the once bustling fishing village is illustrated by the visual isolation of the houses. This focuses the viewers attention on the unique character of each individual building as it stands alone in space; the houses are transformed into protagonists within the images.

In part, individual elements were mounted into the facades and create a collage-like effect. “With the elements from children’s playgrounds, I lent the images an artificial character that represents the artificially created world of tourism,” said Katharina Fitz, “I create my own paracosmos, an artificial and lively world in combination with a social and urban sociological background.”

This is a uniquely created, imaginary world of fantasy, built by the powers of our own imagination.

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