Indian Train Journey Nowhere in the world do you find as many travelers making train journeys as in India. Apr. 22, 2016
Of Heaven and Earth This beautiful, land art-inspired photography series was given the 1st place, Series award in the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2015. They feel particularly touching due to their seamless combination of understated simplicity and cosmic proportions. Apr. 07, 2016
Bringing out the true personality and very best in every person ​Las Vegas portrait photographer Lisa Holloway won first place in the NEWBORNS 2015—3rd Annual International Photo Contest in Newborn Photography and also scored three Honorable Mentions. Mar. 22, 2016
Strong, vivid, unusual: Let the pictures speak for themselves German photographer Frank P. Wartenberg was awarded at the Graphis Photography Annual 2015, winning a walloping total of seven awards for his portrait and beauty photographs —they included platinum, gold, silver, and two merit awards! Mar. 17, 2016
Photography is the art of reduction: Pulling out a simple beauty from a complex world The Malaysian travel photographer Chee Keong Lim was annouced “B&W CHILD PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2015” and won the Grand Prize of $1000. He is an artist guided by a clear vision: to present nature and human nature with all honesty. Mar. 11, 2016
Beyond visible: Infrared fantasies Australian photographer Luke Tscharke is a passionate landscape and nature photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He has been striving to create memorable natural landscape images from locations across Australia and other parts of the world. Mar. 09, 2016
Exploration on photojournalism would never stop The Beijing News reporter Chen Jie has been awarded third prize in the General News singles category of the 59th World Press Photo competition for "Tianjin Explosion," an aerial shot portraying the destruction after an explosion in the city. Feb. 23, 2016
Out of the blue ​A picture entitled ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ of a turtle breaking the surface of the ocean, as it surfaced to breathe—has been named the winner of “Out of the Blue”, a photography competition designed to inspire people to protect the marine world. Feb. 18, 2016
The one chasing storms James Smart from Melbourne has won the top prize for the National Geographic 2015 Photo Contest with the captivating photo of an unusual tornado sucking up dirt near Simla, Colorado, in the U.S. Jan. 27, 2016
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Marsel van Oosten has been confirmed as the overall winner of the 2015 international Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY). The Dutch photographer beat entrants from over 110 countries to scoop the top prize and the title of Travel Photographer o Jan. 07, 2016
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