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Las Vegas portrait photographer Lisa Holloway won first place in the NEWBORNS 2015—3rd Annual International Photo Contest in Newborn Photography and also scored three Honorable Mentions. She is world renowned for her photography in custom newborn, children, family, and high school seniors.


Unlike many women with children who have chosen the incredibly challenging task of juggling a photography business and motherhood, Lisa has a successful photography business and ten children, with seven boys and three girls, ranging in ages from 1 to 17. Photography has become Lisa’s way of freezing time, and savoring memories of her kids’ evanescent childhoods. “When I look at my photos, I want to be able to look into the eyes of my kids, and see a little piece of their soul,” she says.

Actually Lisa didn’t approach photographing them as a serious endeavor until she was pregnant with her fifth child. “I think it just started with wanting to have [photos of] higher quality than snapshots,” she says. “Something that they can hand down to their kids, and that will become family heirlooms, hopefully.”

Photography offers the family more than just heirlooms. It gives Lisa valuable one-on-one time with her kids, despite the fact that some of them are more amenable to being photographed than others. “I have a few that I have to kind of chase down and bribe,” she says. But when she manages to convince even the most shutter-shy of her brood to pose for the camera, the results can be breathtaking.


For Lisa, one such standout is a quickly arranged portrait of her little son Elliot holding one of the family chickens. “...This image is a genuine, gripping, and somewhat mysterious portrait that can weave a story in the viewer’s imagination. Who is this boy? Where did he get the chicken? Is this dinner or his favorite pet? What is he thinking? The warm colors and beautiful lighting also draw me to this picture. The second I saw it on the back of my camera, I knew I was going to love that picture.”

Lisa’s ability to weave emotion and light into something magical something more than just a portrait, but a recording of who you are is second to none. Her portraits are sharp, vibrant and simplistic with plenty of emotion from those youthful eyes she captures.

Lisa’s Advice for emerging photographers:

“Photography is definitely a journey. Never lose sight of what initially drew you to create your art or you can quickly lose your passion. Always stay true to yourself. Do not let current fads, trends and ‘in’ editing processes sway you from what you love. It is YOUR art, and yours alone. Learn to say no early and often. Only take on obligations that you truly want to do and that you have the time for. You must learn to value your time! All of that aside, take your camera out often and have fun! Try new things regularly, collaborate with other photographers, and don’t forget to photograph daily life. Children grow up fast. Best wishes to you on YOUR journey!”

(All photographs by Lisa Holloway.)

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