Capturing moments along the journey

Yvonne Lu is a Taiwan-born fine art photographer who currently resides in New York City. She was awarded third place for a quiet yet captivating image of a sleeping couple on a train.


It’s down to the romance and love story that this image depicts.

Yvonne says that she noticed the couple as she traveled along the Hudson Valley River on her way home to New York City and she became entranced by the beauty of this scene just a few seats away from her own and silently snapped the shot. She found the romantic, vintage feel very appealing. They seemed as if they didn’t need anything else in the world.

With her iPhone, she is able to capture moments like this without disturbing her subjects.

Her photography is inspired in large part by her travel experiences. When she travels, she attempts to portray the liminal and illusory impressions these travels left with her, which we all experience but are never sure are real.

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