Picking up inspiration everywhere

The winner of the IPPA (iPhone Photography Awards) for Photographer of the Year First Place Award goes to Michał Koralewski of Poland.


It was one of those unexpected scenes that Michał Koralewski captured as he strolled through a market square in Warsaw and spotted an accordionist playing traditional Polish songs.

“His face was the first thing I noticed,” Koralewski says, “so expressive and beautiful in its own way. It was like an open book. You could almost read his life story from the wrinkles.”

According to Koralewski, the great thing about mobile photography is that the best shots are never staged. The camera on the phone is always in one’s pocket, waiting to capture moments that one stumbles upon by accident and could never recreate in a photo studio. With his iPhone, Michał was able to get the image he wanted without disturbing the rich atmosphere.

Koralewski’s photos always have a recurring theme of showcasing smaller humans against the larger backdrop of life around them. He says he likes to watch people on the streets and try to understand their emotions and feelings. “People in my photos are usually a complement to the whole frame and the large background highlights how small we are to the world that surrounds us.”

Koralewski tries to pick up inspiration everywhere he goes. Even when he’s walking the same streets every day, he’ll look for new angles, intriguing lighting or distinct moods. He is always keeping his eyes open and ready to find the next captivating image.

(All photographs by Michał Koralewski)

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