“Catching a fish, making a bowl of hometown’s taste”- Huang Shanming

Huang Shanming

Huang Shanming, member of China Photographer Association, member of Guangxi Photographer Association, member of Guangxi Folk photography Association and member of Guangxi Press photography Association, won Bronze Prize with the work Charm of the Peaceful Lake in 2nd Global Photography Mobile Photo Contest.

Charm of the Peaceful Lake ;by Huang Shanming

Q: What do you think of mobile photography and traditional photography? Do you think that there are any differences between them?
A: Nowadays, mobile phones are not merely regarded as a way of communication, but also as a tool of photography. It features convenience, which means that once you spot a good view you can capture it at any given moment. However, traditional photography needs traditional cameras, which are relatively large in volume, not easy to carry. Hence, things are often that many wealthy views are missed. It’s very pitiful!
Q: Obviously, your prize-winning work is a piece of landscape photograph. It is odds that you have some insights in landscape photography. Would you like to share with us?
A: Favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions are crucial in landscape photography. Besides, photographers should have a good ability in operating the tools in their hands. It is favorable to shooting landscape before ten o’clock in the morning and after five o’clock in the afternoon, since the light is softer during that time, resulting a photo with more prominent detail levels.
Q: We can see that the whole color and composition are very excellent in Charm of the Peaceful Lake. Under what circumstance did you catch this shot?
A: This photo was shot on the bank of Bless Lake in Baxi County, Guangxi Province. It is a place suitable for shooting both sunrises and sunsets. The time we arrived there was not a proper time for shooting so my friends went to smoke and chat under a big tree. It was my first time to come here and I felt curious about everything of this place. Hence, I wandered on the bank of Bless Lake. I t was not long that I happened to find a bamboo raft moving towards me and three fishing nets laied out. Promptly, I took out of my mobile phone and set it on burst mode. The winning photo is just one of the photos I took.
Q: This photo is considered close to life. Where is its greatest charm in your point?
A: Actually it is quite common that fish men lay out the fishing nets in the morning and collect them in the afternoon. It is a firm routine in their life.
Q: What is your view on the increasingly popularity of mobile photography?
A: It is true that mobile photography is more and more popular. Very likely mobile phones will be a substitute for cameras.
Q: Finally, we are much honored to hear your suggestions for Global Photography.
A: Mobile photo contest is very unusual in China. Global Photography has provided a platform for mobile photographers. I am very appreciating it.

Golden Autumn in Yaojia Village; by Huang Shanming

Beautiful Scenery of Farmland; by Huang Shanming

Vista Given by God; by Huang Shanming

Misty Fields; by Huang Shanming

Cool Dunk; by Huang Shanming

Spring Scenery of Countryside; by Huang Shanming

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