An Interview with Chen Shaoyu- the Bronze Prize winner of the 1st Mobile Photo Contest

The other day, journalist of Global Photography made an interview with the winners of the 1st Mobile Photo Contest. Chen Shaoyu is one of the Bronze Prize winners.
Q: Do you often take a photograph by your mobile phone?
A: Yes, quite often. In normal times, I carry mobile phone with me all the time, also I load(download)many photography apps on it. Once I came across something interesting, I would take out my phone to record it. I have won some awards in Tianyi Cup National Phone Photography Contest, China Cell Phone Photography Talent Contest and HANFOTO Contest.
Q: In addition to cell phones, what else instruments do you use?
A: At the very beginning, I took photos with DSRL. Since two years ago, I have fallen in love with phone photography. I use both DSRL and mobile phones to shoot. With regard to street photography, I love shooting with my mobile phone, since it will not disturb or annoy the passerby.
Q: When did you start photographing? Which role do you think photography has played in your life?
A: I have taken photographs for more than ten years, starting from film photography. Due to my job and family responsibility, I used to take photos intermittently. In the past three years, I have had photo tours and engaged in street photography quite often. For my part, I think photography is a way to express my inner feelings. Photography is not only a sort of skill, but a spiritual insight. Through years of practicing, now I have been a member of China Photographers Association.

Q: Would you mind sharing with us the back story of this prize-winning photo and the feelings that you want to convey through it?
A: Sure not. This photo was taken when I went to the exhibition area of the 55th Venice Biennale Ningbo Circuit. There I saw a drop-shaped substance made of stainless steel with a building reflection on it. The distorted shape of the reflection took on a unique visual aesthetic. In the meantime, I found that my reflection on the base of this stainless steel was very interesting and fantasy. That scene was very rare, thus I took several photos of it from different points of view.
Q: Which categories of photos do you prefer to take?
A: I prefer to take human documentary photos.
Q: How did you get the information on this contest? And what do you think of Global Photography?
A: That was very accidental. One day, when I was searching for some photography tutorial, I found Global Photography. And I briefly go through this website and found that it was a very professional photography website.
Q:Will you continue to take part in the following contest?
A: I suppose so.

(All photographs by Chen Shaoyu)

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