How Tang Yun Takes Beautiful Flower Photos

©Tang Yun

©Tang Yun

©Tang Yun


Tang Yun taking photos for the flowers.

"I think that a woman's love for flowers must have been engraved in our genes," Tang Yun said. She has woven a dream about flowers into reality. For more than a decade, she has been exploring outdoors and finding wonderful opportunities to challenge her floral photography skills.


©Tang Yun

In an interview with Global Photography, Tang Yun shared her experience in floral photography. Hopefully these notes will provide at least a starting point to getting more creative images of flowers and inspire you to try techniques and ideas that you may not have tried before.

GP: Can you share the creative process of this series?

Tang Yun: During the shooting, I tried to explore a variety of shooting methods and techniques to obtain different shapes, colors, and unique styles of flowers. Below are some of my tips for floral photography:

1. Make full use of the soft scattered light to capture the saturated colors, rich details and natural light transition of the flowers.

2. Take advantage of the macro shooting: Select flowers that are rich in color, unique in appearance, and outstanding in texture, showing a mysterious and unfamiliar micro floral world.


©Tang Yun

3. Take all-round observation of flowers, such as the branches, and the interesting lines or shapes hidden in the flowers. Every perspective may surprise you.

4. Use the slow shutter speed to create a dreamy effect that combines static and dynamic postures.

5. Use multiple exposures to get a variety of unique visual effects of floral photography.

6. Discover the black and white contrast in flowers. When you find the perfect lighting conditions, you don’t have to consider the color combination, but only pay attention to the combination of light and shade. By observing the flowers in black and white, the photos will have the irresistible charm of color.


©Tang Yun

7. Freeze the flowers to create a ethereal sense. The specially designed flower photos are crystal clear and unique.

8. Use the flash light to shoot flowers, and it is easy to take pictures with excellent textures, backgrounds and outstanding themes in any shooting environment.

GP: Please use a few words to describe "Melody of Flowers".

Tang Yun: Vivid, dreamy, and misty. I want to set people free from the noisy world through my works, to obtain a moment of tranquility, and to feel the abundance of the four seasons.


©Tang Yun

GP: Can you share your experience in photographing flowers over the years?

In fact, floral photography doesn't necessarily dwell on certain experiences or routines, but it needs more innovation. I will share some of my own shooting experiences, hoping to bring inspiration to those who also like floral photography.

1. Clear theme

Whether you are shooting flowers or people, the theme is in the first place. The photo won’t appeal to anyone without a clear-cut theme.

2. Preferable lighting

Appropriate lighting is also the key to floral photography. Flat light makes less dimensional, while backlight and side light render more infectious photos. Therefore, making full use of light is one of the key points of floral photography. It is a good time to shoot flowers in the morning, evening and after rain.


©Tang Yun

3. Simple composition

I try to focus on simple composition in floral photography. A concise composition can be powerful.

4. Harmony of colors

Floral photography requires a reasonable combination of colors. The color of the subject should be highlighted against the background colors to achieve an overall balance and harmony.


©Tang Yun

5.Clean background and good use of foreground

A clean background is essential for highlighting the subject. Besides, make good use of the foreground. Working a nice foreground into the shot gives it depth and dimension, and helps viewers feel more connected to the subject.

6. Multiple angles

Floral photography generally uses dutch angle and lower angle. Yet we should constantly try out various possible angles to create an unusual work.

7. Reasonable control of depth of field

A large aperture is considered to be a constant method of shooting flowers, but in fact, the reasonable control of the depth of field is the key. When using the maximum aperture, the depth of field is too shallow, resulting in loss of beauty; using a medium aperture and increasing a little depth of field will give you unexpected results.


©Tang Yun

8. Make good use of photography techniques

There are a lot of photography techniques that can be used for floral photography. You can also freely use your creativity. For example, you can shoot the special effects of flowers in the rain through glass beads. You can also use the flashlight for ambient light. You can also use the black cloth to cover the background to highlight subjects. Proper use of props can produce creative photos.

GP: In addition to floral photography, do you have any other hobbies? How to cultivate aesthetic vision?

Tang Yun: I like all the beautiful things. Sports, music and dancing are my hobbies. I have to admit that some people have natural aesthetic abilities, so their photographic works are awesome. Aesthetic ability can also be cultivated and improved. You can learn painting, flower arrangement, literature appreciation, and other things that you are most interested in, and stick to it. Then your aesthetic ability will be improved accordingly.


©Tang Yun