To “talk” with the viewer without words:Interview with Uliana Kharinova

Uliana entered B&W CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION for the first time in 2015 and back then she won the 1st Place in The Fine Art Category. She also received numerous honorable mentions. This year, she entered her work once again and she impressed the judges again! This time, she was the best in The Portrait Category in The First Half of B&W CHILD 2017 PHOTO COMPETITION.

Q: Hello, Uliana! First of all, congratulations for winning the 1st Place in The Portrait Category in The First Half of The Contest! Tough category to enter and definitely a great success! How did you feel when you found out that you are the winner of The Portrait Category?

A: Hello. When the e-mail came, I was going to the kindergarten to pick up my youngest child. I was very happy! I Immediately went to your website to see the results of the contest!

Q: Please, tell us the background story of your winning photo?

A: It was a creative photo shoot. Prior the photo shoot, I talked to Lena by phone, she was telling me about her hobbies. One of her hobbies is collecting the plants for the tea. And when I saw Lena, her hair, sticking out like a dandelion, and this wonderful dried flower of a dandelion, the frame has already begun to exist. All I had to do is to press the shutter button on the camera and capture it.

©Uliana Kharinova

Q: After our last interview, we noticed that you entered and won a lot of competitions! What do they mean to you?

A: Any contest is a test of your strength. Photo Contests inspire you to do something unusual. It’s a great help in a creative stagnation!

©Uliana Kharinova

Q: What is the goal you are trying to achieve in your photos? How do you do it?

A: The goal is the same – to talk with the viewer about the person without words. To “talk” about his emotions, character, feelings, joys, and sorrows, about growing up. I try to find the mutual language with my models and to “read it”.

©Uliana Kharinova

Q: If you had to use only 3 words to describe your work, which of them would you choose?

A: Model, sensation, moment.

©Uliana Kharinova

Q: How did you like the photos from the first half of B&W CHILD 2017? What are your personal preferences?

A: Every time I watch all the works of participants with a sinking heart. The photographs are just beautiful and inspiring. Some of the photographers I find really creative so I follow them on social medias. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for judges to make a final choice. All the photographs in the winner’s gallery are worthy of an award!

©Uliana Kharinova

Q: Since our last interview…What has changed in your life and in your photography?

A: What has changed? I began to actively conduct online lessons in photography. I am very glad that my colleagues approached me not only from Russia but also from other countries.

And when it comes to my work, there have been changes since I experiment with the light. Previously, I was shooting almost 100% with the soft natural light while now I love experimenting with hard light too, I combine natural and artificial light, or I use continuous light solely.

©Uliana Kharinova

Q: How would you explain the growth of Russian photographers in 2017? Russian photographers achieved great results in our competition this year.

A: Yes, it gives me a great joy to see my colleagues from Russia becoming more involved in international competitions. I think this is connected with the growth of high-quality photography in Russia, and with the fact that they began to learn about the existence of international competitions. It’s great!

©Uliana Kharinova

©Uliana Kharinova

Q: The best advice related to the photo you have ever received?

A: Take pictures of what you really like. Don’t be a slave to trends and fashion.


©Uliana Kharinova

Q: Do you photograph every day?

A: Unfortunately, no. I really want to give my favorite occupation at least 10 minutes a day, however, it doesn’t work all the time.

Q: How do you know that you made the perfect shot. Is it an inner feeling or something else?

A: It’s definitely an inner feeling. I am very critical and demanding of my work. But when I am already on the set and photographing and after I take the certain frame, I stop, take a look on the camera screen and I simply know that’s it. I got the perfect shot.


©Uliana Kharinova

Q: How do you feel about post-production, since there is a lot of talk about whether photographers should edit photos or not. How important the post production in your own work?

A: High-quality post-processing emphasizes the photographer’s idea. I always do it. In some cases, it is a minimal edit, while in others it can be quite a lot. But I always try to make in a such a way that looks natural or to look like something that human eye would naturally perceive.


©Uliana Kharinova

Q: Do you have a quote that leads you through life?

A: Not really a quote. Long, long time ago, a good friend of mine said that she needs to have dreams because her dreams were like a guideline and they would materialize. Every since then, I have a lot of dreams. Some of them already came true, and some of them are yet to come.

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