An interview with Kyaw Kyaw Winn

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Q:Dear Kyaw Kyaw Winn, would you please give us a brief self-introduction?

A: My name is Kyaw Kyaw Winn and photographer from Myanmar. I am life member of Myanmar Photographic Society. I am also one on the judge member and tutor of Myanmar Photographic Society. I love travel photography. I love also participate in local and international photo contests. I won many prizes in the local and international photo contests, luckily. Now, my profession is photo guide and I run many photo tours in Myanmar. I am also X-photographer and Brand Ambassador of Fujifilm Myanmar.

Q: When did you take to mobile phone photography? What interests you most during the creative process?

A: I started to shoot the photos with mobile phone last year when I got the Zenfone 3. Before that time, I never tried to shoot the photos with mobile phones. Now, all of mobile phones are improved for photography and they build the nice cameras and app for photographers. I am sure all of people including the photographer will use mobile phones for photo shooting in the future. Mobile phone photography will develop more and more.

Q: Your works have been awarded first and third prizes in the 7th phone photography contest. Can you share your creative ideas with us?

A: Yes, I think I won these prizes with the help of the unique culture of Myanmar. Our own unique culture, such as Novices, Temples, Buddha images, are very strong things to get the high votes from judges. I won the first prize with the portrait of Buddhist novice from Myanmar. I just want to show the black and white with strong contract.

Q: What kinds of photographic subjects attract you most? Why do you like these subjects?

A: I love travel photography because I love traveling. In my travels, I shoot the culture and daily life of people. I want to record daily lifestyle, culture and the portrait of local people with my photography. Photos are the best record of past.

Q:As the winner of the 7th phone photography contest, what creative experience do you want to share with mobile phone photography enthusiasts?

A: I want to share my feeling about my first prize-winning photo. I just want to show the contract between Black and white. You can’t see mix tones in my winning photo. You can see only the Black tone and White tone. But you can feel deeply the emotion of my subject and my photo. I had chosen the white background and back lighting can get this photo. After that I just measure the exposure of the white background and captured this photo.


Q: In your opinion, What are the highlights of the mobile photography contests held by Global Photography?

A: I think the highlights of the mobile photography contests held by Global Photography are looking for the creative power, seeing eyes and other dimension of photography. They always had chosen the powerful and meaningful photos as the winners. You should study and learn from the previous winning photos from these contests to improve your photography. You will know very well how to create your photos when you learn from the winning photos of these contests.

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