Street is the ultimate pleasure-place: An interview with Amitava Chandra


Q:Dear Amitava Chandra, would you please give us a brief self-introduction?

A: I’m an amateur photographer driven by obsessive infatuation though by profession I’m in the Revenue department of Govt. sector under Finance Ministry. Basically I’m with a Science background having Mathematics as a major in academics. I’m from Kolkata, India.

Q: When did you take to mobile phone photography? What interests you most during the creative process?

A: The opportunity of using cell as a clicking tool has came to me when I was awarded with a Nokia Lumia 1020 by Nokia-Thomson Reuters joint venture in a competition on the theme Women Empowerment organized by Talenthouse USA, during March 2014 though the real hands-on experience with that had started on a later date during December/2014. It’s still not my primary mechanism and I have to try further more to gain some confidence on this genre.

Whenever I click some moments, I always go by the subjective-approach and try to find out & visualize the best possible representation of the three-dimensional situation into a prospective imagery of two-dimensional format. With the cell-camera even, this approach is not different for me and though I am yet to get conversant with technicalities, primarily the size & shape of the instrument provides me with more flexibility and approach in synchronizing creativity into the thought-process.


Q: Your work has been awarded honorable mention in the 7th phone photography contest. Can you share your creative ideas with us?

A: Thanks to the Jury for the selection. While first noticed those children playing at roadside, I observed that the leaning shape of the bunched sticks were somehow similar to the posture they had adopted for getting-covered and I allowed some-time to them to get familiarize with my presence & cell in hand. Meanwhile I tried for the best vantage point to effect the mutual-coziness between the subject & the perspective in terms of HIDING and clicked thereafter soon they had started ignoring me being engrossed within their game. Had it been a conventional standard DSLR, I presume hardly they could avoid their continuance with the play ignoring my presence.

Q: What kinds of photographic subjects attract you most? Why do you like these subjects?

A: Anything concerning human and activities thereof, specially of street genre. As I sparingly get the chance of wandering with camera on the week-days because of my professional-pressure, I mostly depend on streets during weekend. For me, street is the ultimate pleasure-place for a moment-arrester candidly as at any given point of time, numerous happenings are taking place in micro-format being unnoticed; each of which bear the quintessential distinctive-character of its own and capable of providing the sensation and dietary supplement to the grey-matter through respective mechanics of happening.

Q:As the winner of the 7th phone photography contest, what creative experience do you want to share with mobile phone photography enthusiasts?

A: Unlike conventional format & even with some restrictions, cell-camera sometimes gives you the flexibility of experimenting in various ways the most primary of which while you are on your day-to-day activities other than photographic endeavor. Secondly, it being mainly a communication-gadget for everybody’s-hand there remain the chance of being unnoticed by the subject/s. This extends the benefit to the photographer to manipulate the situation in several dimensions including getting suitable access & vantage points, which in general parlance not available to a conventional camera. Except candid situation in case of human-element, the subject sometimes feels more comfortable in front of a cell rather than in front of a conventional one and one has to explore all the possibilities to achieve the desired-imagery through such creative-applications as stated above.

Q: In your opinion, what are the highlights of the mobile photography contests held by Global Photography?

A: Apart from the chances of cash-award, there remains a vast area on the count of getting global-exposure because of the size and dynamics of the platform.

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