Self-realization through photography: Tang Hui’s commercial portraits

Tang Hui, professional photographer and founder of "China Face" charity communication platform, has become best known for his commercial work and has built up an impressive portfolio of clients. He is special in sporting portrait photography and for the past 15 years has more than 160 world top athletes in his lens. Now with Global Photography, Tang shared his ideas about photography.

Q: Since you are no rookie to winning awards for your photography and have many honorary titles, how do you feel like winning the Golden Statue Award?

A: All of the titles mean great responsibility to me. I try to make a difference to the broad public with my work, to display and highlight what is important to the world.

Q: There are a number of iconic faces and figures in your work, how do you express their feelings and attitudes?

A: Every one seems like a book to me, and needs to be savored. Communication before photoshoot is especially necessary.

Q: How did your life experience affect your career as a photographer?

A: I was once a soldier on duty during Sino-Vietnam War when I first knew what a camera really is. Our nation values have had a constant effect on my photography. A photograph of a nation reflects its customs, culture, lifestyle and morals. So as a photographer, I manage to infect the viewers with these values.

Q: Are you a nostalgic person?

A: I would not define myself as nostalgic, but I do like to look back at my past, which is to find new values for myself. Photography is a great profession which I can use to improve myself and others.

Q: Is there anything that you want to pursue in the future?

A: It’s self-realization: to find and liberate the inner self and try to express it out through photography.

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