Like an Ink Drawing - Capturing Fujian, China

© Tugo Cheng, China, Shortlist, Open, Travel, 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

Tugo Cheng is an award-winning photographer based in Hong Kong. With his passion for travel and photography he has focused specifically on China for the past decade, discovering the hidden gems and natural wonders of the country.

He was shortlisted in the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards with his image of a farmer fishing in southern China.

Tell us more about your shortlisted image 'Farming the Sea'.

The photograph was taken in Fujian, China, where the coastal area is known for its unique landscapes of aquaculture and fishing. The locals erected the bamboo rods in the sea for multiple purposes in seafood farming, for instance drying seaweed, growing oyster etc. The rods are arranged in patterns which give an ideal setting for photography. A fisherman was working in between the bamboos rods sorting out the harvest and I captured the moment from a mountain with a tele-zoom lens.

The first day was a sunny day with beautiful light, shadow and reflections, which are the signature scenes of coastal Fujian. The second day, however, was a cloudy day with showers which may not be the best weather for shooting. The outcome turned out to be very interesting when all elements were flattened without shadow and the image was distilled to purely lines and shapes like an ink drawing.

Why photography?

Photography keeps pushing the boundary of my creativity and imagination and allows me see the world differently. More than to 'think outside the box', it has always been my motto to 'shoot outside the box' and keep searching for new inspirations in this journey of photography.

Many natural landscapes and cultural heritage in China are under great threat due to the imbalance between conservation and development. Therefore I have focused particularly on China in the past decade so as to record the landscapes from my own perspectives before it is too late.

How does your experience as an architect influence your photography?

Both architecture and photography are the pursuit of beauty which should inspire us, surprise us and touch our hearts. Architecture gives me not only the training on aesthetics, scale and proportion, but also a creative mindset for photography. And I believe a photographer’s eye and a creative brain are equally important in taking good pictures. I am especially interested in lines, shapes and patterns in landscape photography and that could be an influence by my architectural background.

What's next for you?

I am currently preparing for my upcoming exhibition and new book for the landscape series “Discovering China” and will continue to explore the country for new inspirations.

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