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Indian-based photographer Pranab Basak is currently the recipient of Collection Award of Excellence from our latest “6th Mobile Photo Contest”. From a featured interview, we get to know more about him and his human interest work. Join me to become amazed.

GP: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get into photography?

Basak: I love photography from childhood, but started with Nikon DSLR in 2009. Traveling is my favorite, by which I can capture memorable moments, places and people.

GP: As I know you are no rookie to winning awards for your photography. What was it like winning so many photo contests? How did it help your photography career?

Basak: I am a self-taught amateur photographer and have won over 25 national and International awards including Bonus Prize in Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2015, IREX International Grand Award , HPA Nomination Award by UNESCO, 3rd Award in CGAP Photo Contest, 2nd Award in Photo Brigade Documentary Photo Contest, 3rd Award in Pichit Photo Contest, Runner up in Wexas Travel Photography Contest (People Category), Grand Winner in Maison Chance Photo Contest and many more.

I was recently honored with EFIAP distinction in photography by UNESCO. Besides, after winning 3rd Award in CGAP Photo Contest , a financial media bought my works for their new website.

GP: What can you tell us about the day you took that photo (Yet another day starts) and what was the story behind it?

Basak: Professionally I am a Junior Engineer in Telecommunication, and that day I went to visit an underground fault of telecom cable in a brickfield where I saw a couple busy making bricks from raw clay. Then I arranged them in a spectacular rows and captured the scene with my mobile handset. It is the simple daily life that really attracts me.

GP: In your opinion, what makes Street Photography so special?

Basak: Street photography focuses on people and their behavior in public. Similar to social documentary photography, it can record people’s history in many candid moments.

GP: How do you choose your subjects on streets? And how do you choose the decisive moment?

Basak: I am always alert and wait for the decisive moments, when uncommon behaviors happen in public, as well as special patterns, shadows, lights, people in moods, color , actions and like many more.

GP: The titles of your photos also play a great role. How do you think titles help an image?

Basak: In terms of reporting a photograph, the tile is very important. A title can refine a photograph to the most valuable content.

GP: What do you want to say to the other photographers entering contests?

Basak: I’d like to extend warm greetings to all participants for taking photographs and entering contests to inspire them in the world of photography.

(All photos by Pranab Basak.)

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