State-Owned Cup

In order to fully display the reform and development achievements of city state owned enterprise and further enrich part-time life of the cadres and workers during the Twelfth Five Year Plan, a vital photography contest “state-owned Cup” is held.

Activity Theme
The contest theme focuses on“new state-owned enterprises, new Tianjin”. Activity theme is divided into three main categories:
First, the “New Face of State-Owned Enterprises”. Adhere to the combination of artistic creation and the reform and development of the units, the contest faces the grassroots and the staff, photographing the people around.
Second, the “Most Beautiful Tianjin”. Works includes portraits, landscape, animals and plants, etc. Tianjin is the only location to photograph.

Third,”Photographing on Spot”. During the activities, the photography enthusiasts will be organized to visit the city's state-owned enterprises and participate in the construction of major projects and witness the new state-owned enterprises, the new Tianjin with cameras.

Call for details
First, participants. All cadres and workers of county owned enterprises and county owned enterprise. The participants ought to have independent and complete copyright of their works and ensure no violation of others’ copyrights, portraits, reputations, privacy,

Second, entries include single picture and group pictures. JPEG format, not bigger than 8M.

Third, way of collection.

The relevant forms can be downloaded at the national capital committee official website. Number of pieces of the workis not more than 15. Each author of the subject up to 2. Submit
Fourth, time of collection. August 1 to August 21st.

Selection Methods
1.Veteran from Tianjin Photographers Association and members of editorial and research will be the judges. The first, second and third prizes will be elected.

2.Entries will be uploaded to the website. After the election, online voting will be accepted . Voting time for September 1st to September 10th. Based on the results of the vote the ten most popular awards will be elected.
3.Before National Day, the results of all the selection will be announced on the national capital committee official website.

Contact: Luo Rong Wang Yichao

Tel : 83607735 83609035

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