The Honor of Silk Road—1st Silk Road World Photo Contest


The Honor of Silk Road---1st Silk Road World Photo Contest, themed on the Silk Road, is staged to demonstrate China’s image and tell the stories about the Road. The Competition is held following the themed event “Chinese Dream: Dreams on the Silk Road” organized by Xinhua News Agency. In the event, a motorcade revisited the Road and went throughout five Chinese provinces—Henan, Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang—as well as eight foreign countries—,Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece and Italy. The event, adhering to the China’s national strategic scheme of “One Belt and One Road”, has built a bridge and platform for Chinese enterprises to “go global” and will promote the establishment and development of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

1. About the Host Organization

Hosted by Photoworld Magazine of Xinhua News Agency

2. About the Competition

2.1 Name of the Competition: The Honor of Silk Road---1st Silk Road World Photo Contest

2.2 Three Categories under the Competition: Natural Scenery on the Silk Road; Customs and Practices on the Silk Road; Snippet on the Silk Road

3. About the Timetable

Photography Works submission: June 16th, 2015—October 16th, 2015;

Preliminary: October 26th, 2015;

Final: October 30th, 2015.

4. About the Participant

Any amateur or professional photographer who cares about the “One Belt and One Road” scheme.

5. About the Prizes

Grand Prize (1 winner): 6,000 yuan; the top flagship product of Huawei Honor;

Gold Prize (1 winner for each category): 3,000 yuan; Huawei Honor 6 plus smart phone;

Silver Prize (1 winner for each category): 2,000 yuan; Huawei Honor X2 smart phone;

Bronze Prize (3 winners for each category): 1,000 yuan; Huawei Honor 6 smart phone;

Recognition Prize (20 winners): Huawei Honor 4C smart phone;

Consolation Prize (50 winners): Souvenir themed on the Silk Road which is worthy of 500 yuan.

Note: All the bonuses above are before tax.

6. About Photography Works submission

Click the official website of Photoworld Magazine

( or Huawei Honor (; check the information about the Competition; then you can submit your photo works in the photography works submission system.

7. About the Rules and Terms

7.1 All the photography works should convey positive energy and adhere to the theme of the Competition and the law of the People’s Republic of China.

7.2 The photographer can take part in the Competition alone or with others, forming one group. Any group can submit at most four works; these four works can be either a single photo or a photo series, both of which are considered as one works. The groups submitting a photo series should number each of the photo in the series.

7.3 Each of the photography works submitted should be accompanied by a literary explanation and should be the works of the photographer. If the photo submitted has won awards from other media, the photographer should make notes about the information and make it known to the organizers.

7.4 Both black-and-white photos and colorful ones by camera or cell phone are acceptable. The Competition sets up a special column for “photos by Huawei Honor”; those works taken by Huawei Honor should be named including the information that “this photo is taken by a Huawei Honor smart phone”.

7.5 The submitted photos should be in the format of JPG. For the photos chosen into the preliminary and the final, the Organizing Committee of the Competition will ask for the original picture from the photographers. The original photos need to be submitted on time; otherwise, it will be regarded as giving up the opportunity.

7.6 Any photos generated on computer are not acceptable for the Competition.

7.7 The copyright and right of portrait related to the submitted photos are on the photographers’ side. The organizers have the right to employ any photos submitted to promote activities related to this Competition; for the award-winning works, the organizers have the right to use them free of charge for exhibition, publishing and other public promotion activities. A photographer’s submitting of photos is regarded as the very action of authorization.

7.8 The Organizing Committee of the Competition owns the right of final interpretation to all the rules and terms. Any photographer submitting photos are regarded to have agreed with all the above rules and terms.

8. About the Appraisal

All the works in the final are to be appraised by members of the Organizing Committee of the Competition. All the appraisal process will adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, and the results will be publicized on the related magazines, newspapers and websites.

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