Entries Wanted: The 8th Tibet Chomolangma Photography Exhibition of China


China Photographers Association

Propaganda Department of CPC in Tibet Autonomous Region
Tibet Autonomous Regional Art and Literary Association

Lhasa Municipal Government

Co-organizer: Tibet Photographers Association

Theme of this Exhibition: New Prosperous Tibet under the Guidance of Socialist

Deadline: 10th July, 2015

1. Eligibility:
The exhibition is open to all photographers worldwide.
2. There’s no limitation on the style and theme of this Contest. All the photos that reflect the social advancement and achievement of Tibet are embraced.

3. For standard photos, the longest side should be no more than 10 inches(about 25 cm). For square images, the width and height should be within 8 inches. For wide format images, the longest side should be no more than 20 inches. Any submitted photos or samples should not be framed.

4. Singles and series are both acceptable. Electronic entries should be no lees than 2M. Each entrant is permitted to submit up to 10 photos (including serial photos). Each series should be no more than 6 photos. Each entry should be with a tile, caption, mailing address, e-mail address. Please mail the entry’s digital file or CD, together with the 8-inch sample to the organizing committee.

5. Upon submission, entrants acknowledge and warrant that the submitted photo(s) is/are original works created solely by the entrants and that the photo(s) does/do not infringe on the copyrights, portrait rights, rights of reputation and privacy of the third party. The contest assumes no liability for any misuse of any right mentioned above.

6. All the original images of the submitted works should be taken by a film camera or a digital camera. Encourage creative works, prohibit to PS pictures.

7. This Contest does not charge any to the entrants. The submitted images will not be returned.

8, Upon submission, the organizer has the right to publish, exhibit, display and promotion via media in the competition-related campaign without remuneration being due.

9. The awarded works will be published on medias such as China Photography Newspaper, Lhasa Evening News etc. Meanwhile, a special photo album will be published.

10. Deadline: 10th July, 2015

11. Anyone who contributes his/her works will be deemed to have agreed on all stipulations specified in this notice and should obey them.

12. The organizing committee withhold the right of explanation of the above rules and conditions.


1. All the works will be evaluated on 15th July, 2015.

2. To ensure the fairness and justice of this Contest, photos will be evaluated by professional photographers from China.



PrizeNumber of winnersCash Awards
First Prize 120,000 RMB
Second Prize310,000 RMB
Third Prize 65,000 RMB
Fourth Prize 301,000 RMB

2. Besides, the organizing committee has set up a special award for both individuals and unites who have made outstanding contributions to this exhibition. 10 will be awarded.

3. The organizing committee will invite the first and second prize winners to attend the award ceremony to be held in Lhasa. The organizing committee will be responsible for all the expenses in this process.

4. All the prize winners and final entrants will receive the certificates awarded by the organizing committee.

Contact Information

1. The Office of the Organizing Committee:

Tibet Photographers Association. No.85 Central Beijing Road, Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region, China

Contact: Che Gang, He Jianyuan

Tel: 13908901846、13658901068、0891-6835922 Fax: 0891-6836904

2. Posting Address: Tibet Photographers Association. No.85 Central Beijing Road, Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region, China

Recipient: He Jianyuan

Tel: 0891-6827305

Zip Code: 850000


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