The Tenth Asian Students Photography Exhibition


Organizations of the Exhibition

Education Forum for Asia
China Youth Daily
China University Media Union

Honorary Co-organizer:
Organizing Committee of Ping Yao Photography Festival

Official Website:
Asia Photo (
China Youth Online (

Media Partners:
Elite Reference(
SOHU Educational Channel (
Sina (

Theme of this Exhibition:stories in China

Picture Selection
1) Eligibility:
All students in the Asia & Pacific region and even beyond are welcomed to participate in this event. There is no restriction on the age, gender, religion of the participant.
2) Pictures taken via camera and mobile phone alike are accepted in order to encourage broader participation.
i. Pictures should have a theme of healthy-mind, be of characteristics of concurrent times.
ii. Advocate the innovative touch to bring strong visual effect or impact.
iii. Pictures should be rich in content, profound in meaning and dynamic in expression, to explore the theme from multiple perspectives.
iv. Encourage creative works, prohibit to PS pictures. Each participant is allowed to submit 1-5 pictures. Please also indicate the brand of the camera or mobile phone, its model, and his/her complete contact information.

Guide to Photo Upload
1) Candidates in the camera category have to log onto the official website of the Exhibition ( to register and then submit their works online (Introduction to registration and photo-uploading procedures are available on the website.).
The system will give notification of a successful uploading. Our staff will examine the uploaded works. Those which meet the requirements of the exhibition will appear on the webpage shortly, while those which do not meet the requirements will be deleted automatically.
The original digital information of the photos must be kept, otherwise they will be regarded as invalid.
The uploaded photos must be in JPEG format, and each piece of work can not exceed to 500KB, try to maintain the length-width ratio of the image as 4:3.
As soon as the winners are announced, they must send their valid information (the photocopy of ID/passport and the original digital photo of the maximum size) to the assigned mailbox The award will be regarded as invalid either if the winner can’t provide documents mentioned above, or the supplement information is incoherent with the original registered information.

2)For pictures taken by mobile phone, candidates can send their photos to the official WeChat account: 守候微光(waiting for light).

Winners and Prizes

There will be 2 grand prize winner, 6second place winners, and 10 third place winners selected. The exhibition judges will also select 20 photographs for Works Of Excellence Awards.

1) Grand Prize winner will receive a certificate along with a package equivalent to the value of 5000 RMB.
2) Second place winners will receive a certificate along with a package equivalent to the value of 1000 RMB.
3) Third place Winners will receive a certificate along with a package equivalent to the value of 500 RMB.
4) Excellent Work Award winners will receive a certificate along with a package equivalent to the value of 200 RMB.

Expert Panel (Tentative)

Director: Mr. He Yanguang, former Picture Director, China Youth Daily
Deputy Director: Mr. Wu Peng, former Member of the Council, China Photographers Association;

1) Preliminary Evaluation Jury:
Mr. Wu Peng, former Member of the Council, China Photographers Association

Mr.Zhang Zuo, well-respected photographer, China Youth Daily
Mr. Yin Jiahe, Branding Project Director, China Youth Daily

(2)Final Evaluation Jury:
Mr. Jin Yongquan, Picture Director, China Youth Daily
Mr. He Yanguang, Vice Director, the Photojournalist Society of China
Mr. Wu Peng, Member of the Council, China Photographers Association; Executive Member of the Council, Images Copyright Society of China
Ms. Wang Wenlan, Deputy Chairman of China Photographers Association; Director of Photography, China Daily,
Mr. Xie Hailong, Director-General of photography, Copyright Society of China
Mr. Sheng Xigui, Doctor Tutor of School of Journalism, Renmin University of China
Mr. Zhang Guotian, Art Director, Ping Yao International Photography Festival

Evaluation Process

Picture collection:April 23rd to August 23rd, 2015. All of initially selected pictures will be displayed on the official website during this period.
2) Preliminary Evaluation: Sep. 2nd, 2015
3) Final Evaluation: Sep. 10th, 2015
4) Public announcement for winners: September , 2015

Remarks for Attention

1) The candidates must have the copyright and ownership of the Exhibition works. The works must have not been published before. The candidates are not allowed to copy or imitate others’ works. If a fraud has been substantiated after investigation, the candidate will be disqualified and the canceled award will not be supplemented by any chances. If the award has been taken, the organizers hold the right to ask the recipient to return it.
2) The copyright of the prizewinning works (except signature right) belongs to the organizers, who have rights to use the works in the relevant spectacle, in publication, in advertisement, in publicity and so on without paying extra remuneration. No third party is entitled to reproduce them or use them for any commercial purposes without permission.
3) The candidates should bear all legal responsibilities for the consequences caused by portrait right, honors, copyright related to the Exhibition works. The organizers, who are not liable for the consequences caused by above mentioned, and who reserve the rights to ask for the candidates to recover losses, if any.
4) If the Exhibition works get involved in immoral contents such as pornography, violence and bloodiness, the organizers have rights to remove them from the website.
5) The organizing committee will not assume the responsibility if the award is damaged or lost after they are sent.
6) Staff of the host organizations and evaluation jury of this Exhibition can not participate in this Exhibition.
7) Once students take part in the competition, they are considered to be informed by above-mentioned regulations.
8) The organizers reserve the right of final interpretation.