Spread the Acupuncture

2015 WFAS International TCM & Acupuncture Street Snap Competition


Since Chinese acupuncture was listed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, acupuncture has began to prevail all over the globe. In order to better develop TCM & acupuncture culture and expand acupuncture’s influence inside and outside China, WFAS, together with China Association for Acupuncture and Moxibustion, is holding International TCM & Acupuncture Street Snap Competition from March to August, 2015.

This competition is targeting at all the TCM and acupuncture practitioners worldwide, acupuncture amateurs, artists, photographers, and photography-loves. With unique and various perspectives, those people tend to record every detail related to TCM and acupuncture during their study, daily life, and travels with their cameras. Moreover, they intend to capture the fashion element of the visible acupuncture and to present the fabulous moments of development of acupuncture inside and outside China. Thus, through this competition, the aim to spread the idea of acupuncture, improve people’s awareness of acupuncture and to promote its development and dissemination through Internet and exhibition will be achieved.


Spread acupuncture, together with me


To present the theme TCM & Acupuncture by means of photograph, the contents of which includes:

1) Healthcare (including martial arts and TaiChi)

2) The history and present status of cultural relics of TCM or acupuncture

3) The history and present status of cultural treasures of TCM and acupuncture

4) The history and present status of ancient literatures of TCM and acupuncture

5) Photos related to acupuncture education and inheritance

6) Portrait related to TCM and acupuncture practitioners

7) Factual recordings of patients’ visits to doctors

8) The presentation of TCM or acupuncture techniques

9) Other photos which show the TCM & Acupuncture theme

Time of Contributions

March, 2015- August, 2015


One piece of golden collecting work Award: 8000 RMB

One piece of silver collecting work Award: 1600 RMB

One piece of copper collecting work Award: 8000RMB

Few pieces of excellent work Award: 500 RMB value of WFAS souvenir

Hosting Organizations

Sponsors: World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies and China Association for Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Organizers: Information department of WFAS

Supporting Units: World Acupuncture Magazine, China Acupuncture Magazine, Wu Xi Jia Jian Medical Apparatus Limited Company

Cooperative Partner: Xin Lang Pictures

Organizing Committee

Honorary President: Borong Hong, Liangyue Deng, Weiheng Li

President: Baoyan Liu

Chairmen of Committee

Zhixiang Shen, Jinsheng Yang, Shenping Liang (USA), Lixing Lao (USA), Bingjing Wu (Canada), Gao Lin (France), La Meng (Spain), Zhongfu Guo (Singapore ), Kaosilan (Norway), Keyuan Li (Australia), Pathy (New Zealand), Guorui Li (Italy), Caiqiu Ruan (Vietnam)


Ying Ma, Weihong Liu, Hao Chen, Zhenrong Chen, Li Song, Longxiang Huang, Hongcai Wang, Yuyang Yang, Biling Wen, XIaojian Jia, QIngguo Liu, Jin Liu, Rong Jin (South Korea), Ruo Shan Yu Lang (Japan), Chunhua Liao (Malaysia), Zeng Yun (Indonesia), Zhihao Huang (Taiwan, China), Qiong Huang (Macao, China), Jiaze Chen(Hongkong, China), ROngrong Sun(Argentina), Tong Li (Canada), Kelide (Germany), Bisong Guo (UK), Zhirong Song (USA), Bahansheng (Spain)

Committee Office

Director: Weihong Liu

Deputy-director: Jin Liu

Advocacy Group: Yang Hao, Jingyuan Liu, Lu Luo

Internet-releasing Group: Wenjun Yi

Exhibition Presenting Group: Xiaojia Dong


A. Requirements for photographs

1) Every work should be positive

2) Every work must be original and there is no time limit for when it was taken

3) All the work could be colorful or black-white, could be reportorial, creative, could be single photo or a group of photos

4) Only brightness, contrast and color saturation adjustment could be changed for reportorial work. While for creative work, computer design or changes of original images are allowed, including techniques like composition, addition, delete or changes of colors by computer or darkroom.

5) Electronic photos taken by cell phones or cameras (or by microscope, ultraviolet light, infrared ray, X-ray and MRI), RAW form is recommended for digital cameras.

6) Every work should be attached personal information and explanations about 200-300 English or Chinese words for the photo, together with one filled Work Form (see attachment one).

B. Regulations of the work-related rights

1) Participant must ensure he/she is the author of the photos submitted, and own an independent and complete copyright for the work. 

2) Participant must ensure the work submitted will not infringe the copyright, portrait right and reputation right of the third party

3) If the participant win an award, the internet-releasing right and exhibition presenting right of the work will be authorized to the hosting organization for free.

4) For all the participated photos, hosting organization may adjust the original file for photo identification, exhibition or albums. The authors should agree to send the original file taken by digital cameras (please scan it if taken by film cameras) and adjusted files within the prescribed time. Award qualification will be automatically canceled if exceeding the time limit.

5) There won’t be any charge for evaluation. And the work submitted won’t be returned, neither. The hosting organization has the right to use all the photos submitted in albums, exhibitions and there is no payment for the work.

6) If any damage, delay or absence occurs during the delivery of the photos, hosting organizations won’t be responsible.

7) Once the photos are submitted, it will be considered as agreement to all the above regulations. If anyone violates the rules, once found, he or she will lose the right to be awarded.

Submitting Address

Sina Ai Pai:http://aipai.sina.com.cn/activity/detail/162/

Log in Sina Ai Pai :(http://aipai.sina.com.cn/activity/detail/162/) )→2015 WFAS International TCM & Acupuncture Street Snap Competition→Apply→Application Form→Choose category, group photos/ single photo→Choose album/upload→finish, success of submission


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Any question for the competition, please contact:

Tel: 0086-10-87194956 13911075983

Fax: 0086-10-64018354

Contact: Jin Liu