Annual Photography Awards 2019

Deadline: 8 December 2019

Entry fee: $30 for single photo / $40 for series (up to 8 photos)


Looking specifically for those with a bold & innovative approach that disrupts traditional artistic standards, participants can submit entries in up to eight categories. There are no restrictions on interpretation, creativity, or aesthetic; we accept all formats that showcase new talent and help grow the notoriety of photography as a fine art.
The Annual Photography Awards are dedicated to preserving the craft as a contemporary medium of fine art, and is motivated to helping young artists rise in their careers. By participating, our artists receive the attention of a global audience and are eligible for various cash prizes. We are looking forward to seeing your best work!

The APA’s first installment of the international photography competition is comprised of eight separate categories: Abstract, Architecture, Landscape, Portrait, Fine Art, Landscape, Photojournalism, Street and Wildlife.

The Annual Photography Awards offer generous cash prizes, trophies and acclaimed awards for participating winners. Certificates and awards are available as digital downloads endorsed by the APA.
Grand Prize
- $1.000 in cash for overall Winner
- Annual Photographer of the Year title
Category Winners
- $500 for each of 8 categories Winners

- Category Annual Photographer of the Year


The Competition is open to professional and amateur photographers and only to those who are 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry. The Competition is open to legal residents from all over the world, and is void where prohibited by their local law.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:
Participant retains copyright of all submitted images and descriptions.
By entering the competition, you grant APA and its partners a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable licence to publish images for any purpose directly connected with the competition. This include: display on the APA website and on the websites of partners; on social media used by APA and its supporters; for use in marketing and communication purposes.

APA will always mention the entrant’s full name in connection with the publication of the submitted images. We will use your first and last name as supplied during the entry process.




Fine Art






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