China Chengdu International Photography Exhibition of Disabled Persons Call for Entries (For Overseas)

I. Background

China Chengdu International Photography Exhibition of Disabled Persons will be held in a form of “combining the works of disabled and able-bodied persons” with the objective to uphold the concept of co-building and sharing through consultation, strengthen international regional cooperation, work for construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, establish an international stage for showing the culture and arts of disabled persons, and jointly promote the worldwide development of disabled persons' programs. Based on photographic arts, it is intended to convey the concept of “Humanism and Benevolence”, fully demonstrate the disabled artists' passion for life and pursuit of art, so as to make people from all walks of life better know the inner world of disabled persons, learn the indomitable struggle and self-improvement of disabled persons, and build up their understanding and respect for disabled persons. As a result, it will bring more opportunities for disabled persons to enjoy equal participation in society with spiritual sustenance and social dignity.

II. Organizing Agencies

(I) Adviser: China Disabled Persons’ Federation;

(II) Organizers: Publicity and Culture Department of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, China Commission of Promotion of Publicity for the Undertakings of Chinese Disabled Persons, Sichuan Disabled Persons’ Federation, and Disabled Persons' Working Committee of Chengdu Municipal People's Government;

(III) Undertaker: Chengdu Disabled Persons Federation.

III. Scope of Entries

Disabled (able-bodied) photographers and shutterbugs from different countries (only photos from persons with physical, visual, hearing & verbal, intellectual or mental disabilities are acceptable according to China’s classification of disability).

IV. Content and Requirements of Entries

(I). Content of Entries

1. Entries of disabled persons which reveal the brilliant achievements of cooperation between China and different countries and regions, present natural scenery and cultural characteristics of different countries and regions, show the development results of disabled persons’ programs, and reflect the passion for life and self-improvement of disabled persons.

2. Entries of able-bodied persons which show the development results of disabled persons’ programs, and reflect the passion for life and self-improvement of disabled persons.

(II) Requirements of Entries

1. Documentary photos are required without limitation to colors. Both black/white and color photos are acceptable.

2. Entries should have a clear theme and optimistic content. 8 entries at most for a person, singles instead of stories are acceptable.

3. New photos are encouraged. A photo created artistically is acceptable without any change to the original photos that may compromise the judgment of whether it is true.

4. The participant shall be sure to be the author of the entry and has its independent, complete, definite and undisputed copyright. Besides, the participant shall make sure that the entry would not infringe the lawful rights including copyright, right of portrait, right of reputation and right of privacy of any third person, and shall bear all consequences and responsibilities arising from the entry submitted and the act of submission.

5. Only JPG digital files are accepted with no less than 5MB; entries and the entry form (attachment) are required to be submitted to the designated e-mail.

V. Review on Entries

(I) An expert review team will be set up, consisting of renowned photographers and reviewers at home and abroad, for blind review of participants’ entries in respect of interpretation of theme, conception and originality, so as to select 600 entries for exhibition (including 400 entries submitted by disabled persons at least). 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes, 8 third prizes and 20 excellence prizes will be selected from these entries. Results of entries review will be announced on websites of relevant Chinese disabled persons’ federations.

(II) The participants with prize-winning photos will be granted with honor certificates and participation certificates and corresponding rewards (CNY 5,000 for the first prize, CNY 3,000 for the second prize, CNY 2,000 for the third prize and CNY 1,000 for the excellence prize) by the undertaker of the Exhibition. The rest will be awarded with participation certificates.

(III) The exhibition photos will be included into the album of Works Collection of China Chengdu International Photography Exhibition of Disabled Persons and each participant will be presented with one album.

(IV) Part of the prize-winning photos will be published on relevant media.

VI. Exhibition Fee

All the registration, review and publishing fees are exempted.

VII. Period for Call

From today to December 10, 2018.

VIII. Exhibition Arrangement

The Exhibition is expected to be held in the late December in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.

IX. Notes

(I) After being selected in the Exhibition, the photos will be utilized by the organizers for exhibition and album preparation.

(II) For all the selected photos, the organizers and the undertaker shall have the right to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, show and disseminate the information on Internet during the period of copyright, and will not pay for such works. It is deemed that all the delivered photos are allowed by the disabled photographers (or their guardians) to be exhibited. Upon delivery of such works, it is seemed that the disabled photographers and their guardians have learnt about and completely accept this requirement.

(III) The Undertaker owns the right of interpretation of the Call for Entries and the Review Panel owns the right of final interpretation on review results. It is deems that all the participants have agreed all the regulations of the Call for Entries.

X. E-mail and Contact Information for Photo Collection

The Undertaker, Chengdu Disabled Persons Federation, will be responsible for photo collection.

(I): Contribution E-mail:

(II) Contact:

Mr. Zhang 028-61884824, Mrs. Zhou 028-61884825

Publicity and Culture Department of China Disabled Persons’ Federation

China Commission of Promotion of Publicity for the Undertakings of Chinese Disabled Persons, 2018


China Chengdu International Photography Exhibition of Disabled Persons

Registration Form

Participant Name:_______________

Address:___________________Date of Birth:__________


Are you a disabled person: Yes□/No□ (please tick)

★Disability Category: Physical Disability □ Visual Impairment □ Hearing and Language Impairment □ Intelligence Disability □ Mental Disability □

Multiple Disabilities (Which options?)_________________.

Entry Title: ________________Shooting Time:_____________

Shooting Location:_________Equipment Used:_________

What inspired you to shoot this photo? (Maximum: 100 words):

★I agree□/disagree□ (please tick) that Chengdu Disabled Persons Federation indicates my disability identity in the publicity materials and introduction. If there is a need to mention my disability status, I accept the following terms:_____________________(for example: visual disability, instead of blindness).

All the entries are the artistic property of Chengdu Disabled Persons Federation The copyright for other purpose is retained by the creator, but Chengdu Disabled Persons Federation is entitled to duplicate and exhibit all the entries in publishing, publicity material or online service and only be responsible for the name of creator without paying economic compensation.

We agree that Chengdu Disabled Persons Federation may publish and exhibit the submitted photos in the public exhibitions, Internet, publications or publicity materials. We agree to abide by the regulations and conditions of this competition and waive any requirement adverse to the organizers.

Participant / Guardian (Signature): Date:

Note: the above options marked with ★ are required for the disabled persons rather than the able-bodied persons.