2nd International Polyphony Photo Festival

Festival theme: Beyond Borders

2nd Polyphony International Photo Festival 2019 invites you to explore the word border in its widest connotations. We have been drawing borders from the day we started to seek power and exert authority. If there are people drawing lines of demarcation, the other humans challenging this notion of human borders stand by their side. This year's theme is about showcasing the stories of these others. Whether they are borders on economic, geographic, political, religious, and racial lines or borders in gender or beliefs, every time there is a boundary someone will try to break it down and restore our faith in humanity. We look forward to the celebration of this spirit in the photo stories that you will submit.

Submit your best photos at 2019ppf@gmail.com


Participation is open to citizens of all nationalities both male and female. Mail your digital images at 2019ppf@gmail.com as attachment.

Before mailing the images fill in the entry form furnishing all the details. Do not forget to attach the word file of the entry form with your mail.


Images can be submitted in two categories: A) Street and B) Photo Story.

In Street Category you can submit a maximum of four images either color and/or black and white .Submitted photographs must depict life on the street.

Photo Story must be on the theme Breaking Borders. A maximum of 8 color or black and white images with a word file having a write up in English of 100 words related to the theme should be mailed as attachment. Though we furnish you a note on breaking borders but we will welcome any creative adaptation of the theme.

Submission Time:

Submission begins on and from 24 October 2018 and it will continue up to the midnight of 2 December 2018 Indian Standard Time.

Entry Fee:

Submission is absolutely free. There is no entry fee at any stage.

Prizes and Honors:

Attractive Cash Prizes, Camera Accessories and Certificates for the winners.

Selected images and photo story will be exhibited in our college campus at Belur Math on and from 16 January 2019 to 20 January 2019 from 2 pm to 7 pm.


Digital Images should be in Jpg/ jpeg format having the following specifications 1500 pixels on larger side and resolution 72 dpi, maximum file size 1mb.

For submission your image files should be named in the following manner: First mention the category then write the last 4 digits of your mobile number, add a title for the image and finally write the serial number of the images in this way 001, 002, ---- so in Street Category if your mobile number is 9433346434 and the title of the image is “Riverside” save your images as: A-6434-Riverside-001.

Similarly in Photo Story Category, if your mobile number is 9433346434 and the title of your photo story is “Autumn in Purulia” save your images as: B-6434-Autumn (write only the 1 st word of title) -001,002 etc.

Apart from minor re-touching and editing, we do not encourage gross digital manipulation of images.

Judging: 15 December and 16 December 2018.

Publication of Result: 23 December 2018.

Participants whose works will be selected for exhibition have to submit the printable files of the selected images by 28 December the latest.

For further information contact us at subrataroychowdhury1210@gmail.com or ring 9433346434.

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