"Great Motherland, Beautiful Antu" National Photo Contest -- Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China

Submission Time: Jan. 16 - Jun. 28, 2019 (Beijing local tme, or GMT+8)

On October 1, 2019, the People's Republic of China will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Over the past 70 years, under the leadership of the communist party of China (CPC), new China has overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles and written a magnificent chapter in the magnificent socialist revolution, construction and reform. The Chinese nation is standing loftily on the oriental world. Along with the historical process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Antu county has overcome difficulties and made remarkable achievements on the road of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. Antu is a national ecological demonstration area of China with the reputation as “the first county of Changbai Mountains”. The place is abundant in tourism resources, with breathtaking landscapes and honest folk customs. In recent years, to echo president Xi Jinping’s comment “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, Antu government spares no efforts on attracting a large number of tourists and business cooperation with its unique scenery and characteristics of the Korean ethnic customs. The people\'s government of Antu County, together with Global Photography , holds "Great Motherland, Beautiful Antu" National Photo Contest to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

Global Photography & Antu County Government

All photographic works reflecting the remarkable achievements and great changes made since the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, are eligible for the contest, including but not limited to the construction of ecological civilization, urban construction, economic development and changes in the new countryside. Photos that display the great achievements made by Antu County in poverty alleviation under the leadership of the CPC are encouraged.
Prizes and Awards:
First Prize                          1         10,000 RMB & Certificate
Second Prize                     3         5000 RMB & Certificate (for each)
Third Prize                         5         2000 RMB & Certificate (for each)
Honorable Mentions         50          200 RMB & Certificate (for each)
Best Popularity Award      10          Photography book (for each)
Note: All the cash awards are before tax, and the organizer will withhold and remit tax. The delivery of prize money is only through paypal.

1.Both singles and series are welcome. (Each series shall constitute 4 to 12 photos.) Photos taken with cameras and mobile phones are eligible.
2.Digital manipulation such as brightness, contrast, levels, color balance, minor sharpening may only be used to optimize the image. Images that appear over-manipulated or distort the integrity of the subject will be excluded. Composite and collage photos must be based on photographic images.
3.Singles must be submitted with a title and a caption. For series, a title and a general description within 200 words (introducing when and where the photos were taken) are needed.
4.Submitted photo(s) must be in JPG format, with the longest side between 1200-3000 px. Finalists must submit the RAW or original camera files by request. Failure in providing the requested files within granted time will be deemed as waiving all rights.
5.Photo(s) submitted must not contain any watermarks, borders, or any information suggesting the author’s real name.
6.Content that is erotic, violent or against the law, and/or any other contents deemed to be contrary to the religious practices are prohibited.
7.Photos that have won in the previous Global Photography contests (including honorable mentions) are not eligible to enter.
8.Upon submission, entrants acknowledge and warrant that the submitted photo(s) is/are original works created solely by the entrants and that the photo(s) do(es) not infringe on the copyrights, portrait rights, rights of reputation and privacy of the third party. The entrants are deemed to agree on all rules upon submission. In case of disputes resulting from violating the above warrants, the entrants must undertake all liabilities.
9.Upon submission, You grant to Global Photography a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free license in each entry throughout the world in all media for any use connected to the promotion of You the author and the Global Photography event and/or competition, including but not limited to: display at a potential exhibition of winners, potential publication of a book featuring select entries in the Contest, publication in Global Photography materials and/or online highlighting entries or winners of the Competition, and promoting the work of Global Photography generally without any remuneration being due.
10.The organizer reserves the right of explaining this notice and the issues related to the Contest. Anyone who contributes his/her works will be deemed to have agreed on all stipulations specified in this notice and should obey them.

Entry Fee:
Ordinary members: 2 free entries.
VIP members: 5 free entries.

Special Notes:
1.Photo(s) accepted will be exhibited on http://en.g-photography.net for a 10-day publicity (Beijing local time, or GMT+8) while a mailbox is set for real-name supervision. To ensure the fairness and justice of the Contest, photos will be judged by Chinese and foreign experts.
2.After publicity, the organizing committee will contact the finalists and require a copy of the identity card in conformity with registration information as the only valid proof. The organizer reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify the entries as a result of failure in providing valid proof within granted time or submitting personal information consistent with the original information.
3.To ensure fairness and justice, Global Photography stipulates that staff, jury and their immediate family members are forbidden to submit photo(s). Upon discovery, they will be disqualified from selection, evaluation and awarding.
4.The organizer reserves the right not to award all prizes in the event an insufficient number of eligible entries meeting the minimum judging criteria are received, as determined by judges in their sole discretion.
5.The organizing committee reserves the right of explaining this notice.