¥1000,000 Cash Prize for the “Top 10 Photographers of the World”
—2018 “Sente·Antu Cup” International Photo Contest by Global Photography


¥1000,000 Cash Prize for the “Top 10 Photographers of the World”—“Sente·Antu Cup” International Photo Contest has reached its second edition. Last year's contest attracted some of the best photographers from around the world. The contest, opened to professional and amateur photographers alike, was designed with the goal of promoting diversified development of the photographic art, seeking excellent photographers and images from China and abroad, as well as setting up a platform for photographers to gain global exposure. In collaboration with Antu County Government, Global Photography is proud to present the 2018 “Sente·Antu Cup” International Photo Contest.

Organizers: Global Photography & Antu County Government

Official Website: http://en.g-photography.net


Submission Time: 

Jan. 26 - Oct. 31, 2018 (Beijing local time, or GMT+8)



We ask for 30 original photos of each entrant, which are able to display their individual style. There is no limit on the content, form, theme or category of the works.

No less than one of the 10 Winners will be awarded to the author(s), whose works display the natural and cultural landscape of Antu County.


Entry Fees:



Prizes and Awards:

10 Winners will be crowned "Top 10 Photographers of the World", with each receiving 100,000 RMB cash prize & Certificate & Trophy & Candidature for Global Photography experts;

10 Nominations for "Top 10 Photographers of the World", with each receiving Certificate & Photographer's Card & Press Card as a Contributing Photographer;

10 Honorable Mentions, each receiving Certificate.

Note: All the cash awards are before tax, and the organizer will withhold and remit tax. Winners will receive prizes at Antu County, Jilin Province, China. Fees generated by transportation will be paid by entrants themselves. Those who fail to claim the prizes within the granted time are considered as waiving all rights. Besides, a photo shoot activity will be held at Changbai Mountains. After the ceremony, all the winners will be invited to visit the office of Global Photography in Tianjin for in-depth communication and future cooperations.




1.The Contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers, of all ages and nationalities.

2.Photos can be digital or film photos. Both colored and monochrome photos are welcome. (Photos taken in recent years are embraced.) 

3.Photo manipulations are allowed, but composite and collage photos must be based on photographic images.

4.Each entrant must submit 30 original photos. Entrants will be disqualified if they submit more or less than 30 photos.

5.A general title and description for the 30 photos are necessary. Besides, each photo shall have a title and description (introducing when and where the photos were taken).

6.Submitted photo(s) must be in JPG format, less than 1M in size, preferably in 6000*2000px or 4000*3000 px with the longest side no less than 1000px. Finalists must submit the RAW or original camera files by request. 

7.Photo(s) submitted, as well as titles and descriptions, must not contain any watermarks, borders, or any information suggesting the author’s real name.

8.Content that is erotic, violent or against the laws, regulations and policies, and/or any other contents deemed to be contrary to the public morality or religious practices are prohibited and disqualified.

9.Photos that have won in the previous Global Photography contests (including honorable mentions) are not eligible to enter.

10.Upon submission, entrants acknowledge and warrant that the submitted photo(s) is/are original works created solely by the entrants and that the photo(s) do(es) not infringe on the rights of the third party, including but not limited to copyrights, portrait rights, rights of reputation and privacy.

11.All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by the organizers, for marketing and promotional purposes of You the author and Global Photography perpetually in all media and publications, without any remuneration being due. 

12.Entrants are deemed to agree on all rules upon submission. In case of disputes resulting from violating the above warrants, the entrants must undertake all liabilities.


Schedule of the Contest:

Judging: November 2018

Award Ceremony: January 2019


Special Notes:

1.Photo(s) accepted will be exhibited on http://en.g-photography.net for a 10-day publicity (Beijing local time, or GMT+8) while a mailbox is set for real-name supervision. To ensure the fairness and justice of the Contest, photos will be judged by Chinese and foreign experts. 

2.After publicity, the organizing committee will contact the finalists and require a copy of the identity card in conformity with registration information as the only valid proof. The organizer reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify the entries as a result of failure in providing valid proof within granted time or submitting personal information consistent with the original information.

3.To ensure fairness and justice, Global Photography stipulates that staff, jury and their immediate family members are forbidden to submit photo(s). Upon discovery, they will be disqualified from selection, evaluation and awarding. 

4.The organizer reserves the right not to award all prizes in the event an insufficient number of eligible entries meeting the minimum judging criteria are received, as determined by judges in their sole discretion.

5.The organizing committee reserves the right of explaining this notice.